IIT Madras Pre-Placement Offers Rises to 17 percent
IIT Madras Pre-Placement Offers Rises to 17 percent.

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras has started with the pre-placement officers. And there has been 17 percent increase this year in Pre-placement officers as compared to the last year. There are various multinational companies that have offered pre-placement offers to the students of the varsity. The final placement will begin in December 2019 and companies include Qualcomm, Samsung Research, AB InBev and other multinational companies

Comparison in PPOs:

According to the authorities of IIT, Madras, the pre-placement offers has been increased and has touched the highest ever in recent years. There are total of 158 students who have secured the pre-placement officer in year 2019 which is quite high when compared to the PPOs last year. There were total of 135 students who were offered pre-placement offers in 2018-19 year.

The official website to get more details is https://www.iitm.ac.in/ .

The following is break down of Pre-placement offers offered by each company: –

Company Name Pre-placement offered given
Qualcomm 23
Samsung Research 8
AB InBev 8
Texas Instruments 8
Intel 7

In this academic session of 2019-20, the major sectors that offered Pre-placement offers are 41 percent for the core and R&D, 25 percent for the Analytics, Consulting and Finance, 21 percent for Information technology, 9 percent with other sectors and 4 percent for FMCG,

 Important details:

The pre-placement offers are given to candidates on the basis of their performance during the internship. The PPOs are given only to the students who worked as an intern with a company in May-June of the previous year.

In the words of professors, professor C S Shankar Ram and professor Manu Santhanam, from IIT, Madras, “he trends of increasing PPOs through our internship program continues this year. This, hopefully, is a harbinger of a strong placement season”.

The placement session will begin in December 2020 and the companies will look into around 322 profiles which includes 35 profile from overseas. Approximately 54 start-up companies have also registered for the recruitment process.

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