Saladi, who allegedly leaked CAT 2016 paper says he filed a police complaint in the case

Yesterday PaGaLGuY exclusively spoke to Naga Venkata Vaibhav Saladi about the CAT 2016 paper leak. The world claims he let out the questions but Saladi told PaGaLGuY that his account was hacked into and he was not part of the crime. He also disclosed that IIM authorities had told him to keep quiet about the issue. However, PaGaLGuY managed to get some answers out of Saladi.

CAT Convenor’s office, on the other hand, was not too friendly. But that is for later. Hear what Saladi has to say.

Where did you file the complaint?

I filed my complaint in the regional police station closest to my exam centre in Bangalore.

When did you come to know something was amiss?

After the exam, I got a call from the CAT Convenor’s office and that’s when I realised such a thing had happened.

Who do you suspect hacked into your account? Do you have any suspects—anyone who could have had a personal vendetta against you?

As of now I don’t suspect anyone. But investigations are underway and I’m sure the culprit will be found.

What has been the conversation with the CAT authorities ever since the incident took place? What has been told to you?

I was told to not talk about it to anyone.

Is that why you have been off social media ?

I couldn’t access my account and that’s the reason why I wasn’t seen on social media.

What do you mean?

I mean that my Facebook account was hacked. It was only yesterday, that I recovered my Facebook account. Upon logging in, I noticed I had some 200-300 notifications and some messages were so harsh, that I can’t even tell you. I deleted the hate posts and gave a justification on the iQuanta Facebook CAT Preparation group that reads as follows.

” Guys, I guess you already know about my name but not me. Just now I recovered my Facebook account. For your information: my account got hacked on December 4 and (the person in question) posted CAT questions on the group. I however have no idea about who did it. I have already raised a complaint at a police station and I’m sure they will find the culprit.”

Here is what the CAT Convenor’s office told PaGaLGuY.

“The CAT 2016 Exam concluded successfully on December 4, 2016. Contrary to what has been rumoured, there has been no question paper leak. There was one incident of malpractice, where a candidate was found to have violated the strict instructions of the examination. The incident was promptly detected and is being dealt by the due procedure of law. It needs to be categorically stated that nobody’s rightful expectation of doing well in the examination has been harmed; and that no candidate has been put to any disadvantage because of this particular incident. We wish to reiterate that the integrity of the Test has not been compromised in any manner.”

To know whether the CAT 2016 Exam really concluded successfully, read our next story on the issue. Coming up in another half an hour.