IIMs: An Emerging Change in the Placement Pattern 

The prevailing global pandemic has pushed the education institutions to become tech-savvy and adopts several distinct virtual platforms for conducting activities. Therefore, it was evident that the placement session for the present year would also witness a major transformation.

The ongoing placement activities in IIM has been undergoing a digital transformation as per the prevent requirements and situation.

Interview Sessions to be conducted Online 

The coronavirus has caused a devastating blow to the academic calendars of IIM; however, despite a delay in the commencement of the academic session, the institute has been working rigorously to conduct the summer placement sessions as per the scheduled plan.

Till the previous year, the campus interview sessions were usually conducted in October-November. However, this year there has been a shift in the plan, and the interviews are likely to be conducted in December.

The academic sessions at IIM were commenced between mid-July and the first week of August this year. The sessions were conducted virtually as per the new policy adopted by the institute due to the spread of the virus across different sections of the country.

Since the beginning of the academic sessions, IIM has been sending invites to various companies and organisations for its annual placement call. Moreover, as per resources, the response from these companies have been encouraging in even crucial times like these.

Until last year, the academic session for the new batch usually commence in June, and the campus placement session occurs in the first week of November.

However, this year, the chairperson of placements at IIM Ahmedabad, Amit Karna, says that the placement session has been delayed by around six weeks than last year.

Moreover, he adds that the placement interviews have been delayed by almost a month. As per the guidelines shared by Amit Karna, the interviews have been planned from 1st to 7th December this year.

IIM Kozhikode also starts placement session

Apart from IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Kozhikode has also started their preparations for the annual placement sessions.

As per the updates shared by the placement office at IIM Kozhikode, the CV building sessions and students’ preparations have also begun. Moreover, the institution, as well as the students, have been doing everything possible in their power to prepare for the new digital make-over of the campus placement activities.

As per updates shared by the placement office over emails to students, the placements are likely to be conducted in a digital model with a slightly longer duration due to the delay in the overall process and a new mode of conduction than last year.

The email also mentioned about the positive response expected from companies and organisation and their efforts to indulge the summer interns in good activities.  

Details pertaining to the summer internship program

The summer internship programme for IIM students involves the following aspects.

  • Invitation to companies and organisation for campus selection
  • Preparation of students for facing the challenges in the selection round
  • Pre-placement talks between students and companies
  • Case competitions
  • Guest lectures
  • Segregation of companies as per the job profiles, job-roles, preferences, stipends, etc.

Several companies visit the campuses before the interview session for conducting pre-placement talks with the students.

These pre-placement talks are usually conducted one or two months before the final interview sessions. However, most of the companies visit the campus only on the final interview day. 

IIM Kozhikode, the annual summer internship selection round for first-year students is conducted after the successful completion of first term exams.

This year, this activity has been scheduled in November 2020. However, due to the restriction on transportation and public gatherings, the selection process will not take place within the campus. Therefore, there is a great possibility of interview sessions conducted via virtual platforms. 

The summer internship is for a duration of one and a half to two months every year. Amit Karna, says, there has been no official news of the change in summer internship 2021 so far. However, all the internship will be virtual.

As per the future situation, the changes in the academic calendar and other relevant activities will be made accordingly. However, as per the current schedule, the first year of academic studies is expected to end in the third week of April, indicating a delay of four weeks from the previous year. 

Important updates from IIM Calcutta

There have been some updates from IIM Calcutta as well. Abhishek Goel, the placement committee chairperson, expressed his views on how the pandemic has disrupted the academic schedules causing much delay in the classroom and placement activities.

Continuous dialogues have begun to conduct the interview session in the best way possible without hindering the efforts of both recruiters and students.

However, Goel also expressed the uncertainty revolving around every step taken and planned for the future. IIM Calcutta has been keeping an eye of the present situation and has been taking each step carefully in the best interest of the students, recruiters and staff.

In case the recruiters or students fail to appear at the campuses, then the entire placement round is likely to be conducted in a virtual mode. This would be the first time in history for such an eminent change in the institution’s policies.

Logistical challenges are also likely to resurface, and therefore the campuses having been planning things in the best way possible.

Changes in stipends, job roles, etc. are expected due to the prevalent situation; however, the overall response from organisations and companies has been positive so far. The future scenario will, through a better light on these aspects.

Regular recruiters have been invited by the institution for the summer placement process. Recruiters have always hunted the best talents in a notable institution like IIMs, and this year as well; the institution will provide great talents to the leading organisation without failing their commitments.

Professional relations with companies and organisations have been constructed on a rock-solid foundation, and therefore, no change is being expected from the recruiters’ end.

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