The MBA 2023 batch from the Indian Institute of Management-Visakhapatnam (IIM-V) received the highest compensation for this year’s summer internship campaign, with a 75 per cent rise over last year at 3.5 lakh for the two-month internship and an average stipend of 57,700 throughout the batch.

Despite the pandemic, the MBA 2023 batch’s Summer Placements Drive was successful, with all students receiving 100% placements. IIM-V has seen the involvement of both new and experienced recruiters from various businesses and disciplines. IT/ITES employed new employees, accounting for 27% of all offers made, followed by BFSI (22%), Consulting (12%), Manufacturing and Education Technology (10%), and E-Commerce (5%).

The 2020-22 batch likewise obtained 100% placements, with the top package being Rs. 31.60 lakh, representing a 51.78 per cent increase over the previous year. The median and average packages have also increased significantly to 15.46 lakh and 15.06 lakh, representing a 28.83 per cent and 19.33 per cent increase over the previous season, respectively.

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