How to Prepare for CAT 2019 Exam without Coaching

While working towards your IIM dream imperative for scoring high in Cat 2019, the method of planning that you pick is one of the main considerations that assume an indispensable job towards your success.

Each IIM or an MBA aspirant, while beginning arrangements needs to choose whether or not to pick coaching for preparations. How significant is it to take formal direction so as to ensure a decent percentile in CAT? Would it be conceivable to score high and clear shorts for top B-schools without coaching?

In spite of the fact that pioneers and toppers propose that instructing and mentorship unquestionably encourage your readiness, they trust that a correct self-arrangement plan combined with a restrained methodology can likewise lead you to crack CAT.

The competition for CAT is extreme given that in excess of two lakh applicants’ show up for the test for admission into 20 IIMs and around 100 top B-schools.

This article of PaGaLGuY, focused on helping those candidates, who do not want to take up coaching because of

  • Financial constraints
  • Time constraints
  • Feeling that they don’t like methodological teaching

Here are the ways, if followed can definitely be at your rescue and can ensure planned preparation for CAT 2019 without coaching:

  1. Understand the test structure and syllabus in detail:

To understand the CAT exam well follow these steps:

  • Know the syllabus well – The subtopics of the examination [ Please put the link of article – CAT syllabus]
  • Pick up previous 5 years papers and solve them
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses from mock tests
  • Mark the topics as easy, medium and tough

This will help you understand the toughness of exam for you, and will help you understand your areas of improvements. Always remember, CAT 2019 planning will be highly individualistic

  1. Access to the right study material

In the digital world today, there is so much data available to us that we get confused about ‘what is that we should opt for’? The quest to get the best to ace through CAT 2019 is definitely a important one.

Though there are many mock tests available in the market, it is essential that we choose the right one for us. Ensure that you purchase only what is needed and not everything that is available.

Apart, books are always helpful. The traditional way of practicing always helps. We suggest, learn from the books, practice from the books, and give mock tests on screen. This will help you stay away from distractions with computer on and also will give you real time exam feel.

  1. Step through online mock examinations

After the fundamental preparations, you need to begin taking CAT mock tests all the time. With each counterfeit test, you will be clear about your qualities and shortcomings. Keep in mind, the investigation is significant for your advancement in planning. In view of the examination, you need to change the game-plan of your execution.

At first, you have to step through the mock exams a few times per week and later on, you can build the recurrence of the mock tests to thrice or four times each week. Guarantee that you analyze each test and focus on regular blunders. Comprehend what the components are behind those blunders, is that lack of conceptual clarity or lack of focused concentration?

  1. Make or Join Study Group

The like-minded people always move faster and can support each other simultaneously. Ensure that you are in a group, which is a combination of your strengths and weaknesses mismatch. This way  you can be useful to others and ensure that you get regular help from others.

We all know, ‘A lesson taught by a friend gets in faster and stays longer than the classroom mode of teaching’

  1. Use the Social – media

We suggest you to join the Facebook and Instagram pages of reputed tutors. This will not only help you get enough resources but also will help you to stay connected with other MBA aspirants. Apart, being on such group and solving problems is fun way of learning, and this is a definite boost to your confidence.

  1. Stay strong and motivated

Since you are not being with a real pack whom you meet every time, it is quintessential that you always uplift yourself and stay focused on your goal to secure a seat in the top B schools.

Stick a note of percentile in your study room, seat a wallpaper on your mobile that always propels you to stay in the hunt and keep moving.

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