The SNAP exam 2018 is probably going to be more difficult than last years because of the changed pattern. The SNAP 2018 will be computer based for the first time. The candidates will need to work very hard to crack the exam. Although, if one has been preparing for the CAT exam it should be easy to crack the SNAP exam as it has similar syllabus and is termed to have easier questions compared to the CAT exam. Here we will provide you with a few tips on how you can crack the SNAP 2018 examination when the exam date is so close.


  • Preparation time


The candidates will have to work harder as the day of the exam comes closer. The candidates should make a time table to complete the syllabus for SNAP test on time. The syllabus for the SNAP test is not very hard or vast but one needs to be thorough with what they have learned and need to learn because the SNAP test is a speed test and one will need to be very quick to answer all the questions.


  • Self-preparation or coaching


Deciding if coaching or self-preparation is better for you is also one very important decision one needs to make. For some people the push given by the coaching teachers is very important while for others self-preparation works miracles. One needs to keep in mind that even with the coaching classes’ struggles and mock tests one will need to keep some time out for self-preparation as one will not be able to succeed without self-preparation. The coaching classes will help keep the spirit of competition in one’s mind. The candidate will need to have the competitive feeling to keep working harder every day to attain their goals.


  • Changed marking scheme


The 2018 SNAP exam has changed its marking scheme. Earlier the candidate was awarded one mark for the 150 MCQ correct answers and 0.5 was deducted for every wrong answer. Although, for SNAP 2018 the candidate is awarded one mark for the 110 MCQ questions and two marks for the 20 non-MCQ questions. 0.25 marks are deducted for every wrong MCQ answer and 0.5 for every wrong special that is non-MCQ answer. This changed marking scheme has put a lot of pressure on the aspirants and will cause trouble while completing the question paper in time.


  • Self- preparation


For those who believe in only self-preparation need to practice a lot and will need to read a lot of books. Buying reference books and solving from them should help them score good marks in the SNAP exam. There are many schemes offered by different coaching classes that offer mock tests for the candidate to solve. Solving as many mock tests as possible is very important. The aspirant can take all the mock tests from many coaching classes to gain the confidence and knowledge to solve the SNAP exam questions easily. The aspirant can also solve CAT exam mock tests to get a better understanding and a proper practice of the questions that can be asked in the examination.

  1. The candidate should read as many books and newspapers as he or she can to learn some new words and have a better vocabulary. This will help the candidate in the verbal ability section.
  2. The logical reasoning section is termed as the most time consuming and the most difficult to solve. The candidate should practice quicker techniques and should be able to calculate quickly in their minds. Using the virtual calculator has been advice against by the past toppers.
  3. For the quantitative and logical reasoning, the candidate needs to solve as many questions as possible. These sections test the candidate on their managerial skills and will take moderate amount of time if one is fairly good at them.  Many test takers think the logical reasoning section is the most difficult and time-consuming section. One needs to know their weakness and strengths before giving the paper.

The self-preparation students will need a lot of help from books and newspapers. Having a good amount of knowledge about the current affairs of the world is also very important. The candidate will be asked many questions based on general knowledge and current affairs and one will need to be ready for them.

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