The SNAP exam day is coming closer and one tends to get nervous and excited before this big day. The candidates will want to work as hard as possible to get into the reputed Symbiosis International University in Pune. The aspirants will probably find the last week before the exam day very short and may feel like they are not ready yet. Here are a few pointers so that one can feel completely ready and confident for the SNAP exam.


  • Back to the basics


The candidates are advised to go back to their basics and revise what they had learnt long time ago. When a person is solving difficult questions and is confident about them, they usually struggle with the simplest and the most basic question as their mind will try to think about the question and deal with it as if it is a very difficult question. Going back to the basics will help the candidates understand what they have learnt till now and will help them answer all kinds of questions.

It will clear any doubts they had earlier which will increase the confidence of the aspirant.


  • Strategize


The aspirant should create a strategy about the answering of the questions. The test taker should know his or her weak and strong points and needs to allot time and importance to those sections. Every individual will have a different strategy in mind and it completely depends on the test taker. Although, the aspirant should be flexible enough and should be quick on their feet to improvise their old strategy if they notice that the difficulty level of the questions may not help them.


  • Section wise tackling


It has been noticed in the past papers that the verbal reasoning section is easy for the MBA aspirants while the quantitative and the logical reasoning is very difficult. The aspirants are advised to tackle the easy sections like the verbal reasoning section first so that they have enough time to handle the quantitative and logical reasoning sections. The general awareness section is also very difficult if one is not used to reading and is not aware of the current affairs. Answering only those questions that one is sure about is very important as answering unsure questions will only lead to wasted time and unsure marks gained.


  • No new topics


The candidates need to stay calm and focus on what they already know. Starting a new topic will only decrease their confidence and probably give rise to panic which needs to be avoided at all costs.


  • Time is precious


SNAP exam is termed to be a very easy exam if one has prepared for other management exams like CAT and XAT. The only problem with easy exams is that everyone will know the answers and the trick is if they are able to solve all the answers in the required time limit. The test takers will have to plan their time before the exam. Solving mock tests and getting a rough idea of the exam paper would have worked but for the 2018 SNAP exam the structure of the question paper has been changed. Instead of all MCQ questions the candidates will have to solve some non MCQ and one-line answer questions too. This makes completing the paper even more difficult.


  • Do not stress


Stress will be the biggest enemy of the test taker. If the candidate is stressed, he or she will only end up making more mistakes and miscalculations. The candidate needs to trust themselves and their preparation for the paper. Moreover, if they have already written the CAT or the XAT paper the SNAP exam will be very easy for them.


  • Practice


Even in the last week before the exam the candidate needs to practice as much as possible. Solving one section at a time is very important. The candidate should strengthen his or her strengths and should work harder on the things they already know about. Handling weak topics is not one of the things the candidate should take up a week before the SNAP 2018 exam. Once the test taker is confident about his or her preparation, they will have close to no problems during the SNAP 2018 paper.

To know more about SNAP, please go through this link Symbiosis National Aptitude Test.

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