How Many Times Per Year One Can Take the MAT Examination?

MAT 2020

One major question that might be lingering in your head is just how many times in a single year can one take the MAT examination? There are 4 dates that are scheduled per year and there isn’t any limitation regarding how many times one can register and take the examination.

There are 2 different types of examinations that you can attempt, which includes the paper based one as well as the computer based one, so think about the one that would fit your needs.

Attempts in a Year

The obvious answer that you might be thinking about when it comes to how many attempts you have taking the MAT is 4. However, this answer is going to be wrong since there are 8 different attempts that you can take at getting a better score than your previous answer.

This happens because the MAT exam is administered 4 years a year in February, again in May and then again in both September as well as December. There are the PBT or paper based test as well as the CBT or computer based test and you can sign up for both, which gives you 8 tries every year.

How to Choose Which Test

The first thing you need to do is decide what method of the examination you will sit for, which includes the paper and the computer based. There are 4 times every year when you can take these tests and you can make the decision to take one of the methods or both.

The more times you attempt this examination and the more methods you choose, then the better chances you have at scoring better. Make sure to look at the price and then decide which one you would go for based on the dates and much more.

Why Try Multiple Times

If you aren’t satisfied with the score that you get you are going to have more attempts in a single year. However, you should think about taking one examination at first so that you can see where you are struggling and see how much you need to improve.

If you know this information, then you can work harder in terms of studying and even try the other method to see if the score improves. You can show the colleges the various scores that you have received in an attempt to gain entrance and the more you try the better you will score.

There are 4 different times per year that a candidate can sit for these examinations, but there are 8 total attempts they can avail. You should think about what type of exam you are going to take, which should be the paper or the computer based one and when you will take it.

The more you try to take the examination, then the better your score is going to be over time. You can improve the score by taking the examination more than a single time, which improves your chances of getting into the college that you have in mind.

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