Canada is one of the countries which is famous for its universities offering graduate and master’s degrees in data science. Students from all over the world flock to Canada for getting admission into those top universities all for the right reasons.

Besides being the home of world-class universities, Canada also offers quality education in data science and hence there’s absolutely no reason as to why one shouldn’t opt for an MS in data science in the country.

Data science in-depth

Before taking a detailed look as to why Canada could be a good idea for MS in data science, let’s take a look at the domain itself. What data science exactly is? Well, it’s a field that focuses on studying user behavior and usage patterns from the chunk of user data generated worldwide. Given below are several tasks a data scientist usually performs:

  • Data capturing: This is the field where the user data is collected and extracted.
  • Data storing and processing: Once the data is collected, it is cleansed, stored, warehoused, and staged.
  • Data processing: Data processing is one of the most important stages where data scientists are required to architect, classify, cluster, and model the data only to come to a conclusion.
  • Data analysis: This is the stage where data scientists are required to use their technical expertise. The technical expertise could include using mathematical, statistical, algorithmic or programming knowledge for predictive analysis, qualitative analysis, data regression, and data mining.
  • Decision making: The last stage is a business-related stage where the data scientists, based on their study, decides on the management level. The whole purpose of data scientists is to study the user data and make decisions based on it so that the revenue of an organization grows.

Canada for MS in data science

Canada is one of the global leaders when it comes to providing data science courses. Some of its top universities including the University of Toronto, The University of British Columbia, Mc Gill University, Queen University, etc. provide world-class programs in the domain.  Now, let’s take a detailed look as to why you should opt for Canada through the below-mentioned points.

  • The course curriculums are designed to provide both theory and practical knowledge to the students. The faculty members are also highly skilled in teaching, paving way for the reputation of those universities.
  • Canadian university degrees are accepted worldwide.
  • Canada is very friendly to outsiders. Common issues like crimes, racial attacks, etc. are almost negligible in the country. In one word, the country is open to diversity.
  • The country is known for democracy and fewer restrictions.
  • Canada has easy visa programs and candidates aren’t required to go through complicated procedures or hurdles to manage visas.
  • Once a candidate graduates from the country, a door of opportunities with high salary packages opens up for them both in Canada and internationally.


Taking a look at the above-mentioned points, one must realize that Canada could be the best abroad destination to pursue a course in Data Science. However, the living could be costly and if one is willing to compromise on the money, the result would be fruitful.

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