Tips for finding Data Science Jobs During Recession

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a devastating recession-like situation to the nation. Numerous companies and organisations are working on strengthening their core structures by providing advanced skills to the employees. However, to come over the stagnating graphs of a business or a professional sector, enhanced skills set, and approaches are required.

The prominent advancement witnessed in the artificial intelligence sector has created a profound impact on scalable businesses and research areas. The recession pushed by the aftermaths of the global pandemic has allowed professionals to take a step back and polish their organisational and well as business approaches. The global economy is at stake with devastating impacts like unemployment, business downfalls, unfair pays, market disruption, and much more.

The data science sector has been witnessing prominent employment lanes for the upcoming professional. Prominent employees are being hired for the work of skilled employees in the analytical and data science field. Moreover, it is also prominent that data science jobs have gained momentum in the job market for the recession periods.

Here is a curated list of some top resources for a data science job in the recession period. These resources are channels for bringing the professionals and eminent data science organisations or companies on the same board.

  1. Next Job Hunt

It is a relatively newer initiative powered by a cluster of eminent professionals with exceptional experience and skillsets. The job portal features recruitment campaigns for fields like sales, marketing, operations, HR organisation, finance, data science, and much more.

The key aim of the establishment of the job portal was to develop a portal for opportunists amidst the global post-pandemic recession. Apart from job possibilities, the portals help in establishing sessions for career counseling, enhancing interviewing skills, resume build-up, and other soft skills.

  1. Data Science career at Monster

Monster is a trustworthy and eminent job recruiting site. Since its establishment in the year 2001, it has offered tons of jobs to prominent professionals in distinctive spheres. This job portal features key updates regarding the latest and mostly applied job offers.

The portal also features the business locations of the organisation so that the application procedure becomes feasible. The search is carried out efficiently by enabling suitable features and filters for the same.

  1. Data science hiring at Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the best and well-known recruiting and job sites. The key feature of Glassdoor is that it allows employees and employers to mention rates, salaries, and other relevant information anonymously.

It also allows people to provide reviews to the organisations or companies they have worked at or have heard about. This ensures that the job offered is not a fraud. The portal features prominent and latest job postings and recruitments. It is witnessed that the site features an exclusive range of data science jobs.

  1. LinkedIn for data science jobs

LinkedIn has gained major popularity in recent years. It is a networking site that brings prominent employees and employers on the same board. Thus, allowing a networking sphere around them. This networking sphere often ends up with a job recruiter or other work. Moreover, LinkedIn has a job feature that allows users to sign up for various job offers.

It is one of the largest networking platforms used by numerous professionals coming from various work areas. Also, recently, the LinkedIn developers have unveiled a deep learning model known as Job2Question to offer job opportunities amidst the global recession period.

The LinkedIn portal also helps in keeping a tab on the latest job trends in prominent industries like data science. Multiple data science jobs are like data science specialists, principal data scientists, applied scientists, etc. are featured on the site.

  1. The Data Science central- Analytic Talent

This is a media and publishing company that works on establishing a growing internet sphere for prominent data science professionals. Professionals from different communities like data science, machine learning, predictive analytics, business analytics practitioners, etc. can effectively come on a single platform for better recruitment policies.

Data science central is a job portal for eminent job recruitment activities. A person can field a job in his or her preferable field.

  1. Kaggle jobs

Kaggle has successfully created a community of professionals in different fields. The community features professionals from distinctive fields like data scientists, statisticians, machine learners, and much more.

The job board features resources to the latest job trends, career options, and much more. A prominent employee can find multiple preferable jobs according to his skills and experience.

  1. Analytical India Jobs

Analytic India offers a wide range of possible job options to professionals specifically situated in India. It is an initiative by the analytics India Magazine which has created a proficient job portal aimed for analytics and data science jobs. Job seekers and employers get an opportunity to hunt their preferable job positions at suitable locations.

Moreover, highly skilled professionals from different corners of the country are brought on a single platform for a better networking experience. The hiring process is tracked, as well.

These are the major resources that can assist a data science professional in reaching the desired platform. The recession period would bring major hurdles in the corporate and professional sectors, pushing thousands of people to the verge of unemployment and poverty.

As a result, it is recommended that a prominent job seeker applies at multiple locations and positions to find an accurate job offer.

Moreover, it is also essential that professionals are paid a fair pay for the work and skill they carry. It is vital to polish the skills of a person before looking for eminent job titles. However, if a person is not skilled or lack essential qualities, then these aspects must be made transparent before the employers.

Also, the employee must look forward to small scale companies or small projects for building the required skill sets. The recession puts forward multiple hurdles in the corporate sector and other organizations. But clear and practical approaches always help in achieving victory.

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Source: Analytics India Mag