MBA in Data Science and Analytics online is a full-time program which is proposed under the pattern of the semester system. Students who pursue an online MBA in Data Analytics teach different processes to transfer semi-structured and unstructured data into vital insights.

It aids in operational and strategic decision making methods all across different sectors that include banking, financial services, retail, telecom, e-commerce, etc. The eligibility criteria for students is a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce/Science/Arts or equivalent.

However, they should have secured specific percentage marks according to the requirements of individual colleges or institutes. Students who opt for an online MBA should check individual college to find the best possible course for them.

Benefits of an online MBA in Data Science and Analytics

MBA in Data Science and Analytics turns into an ideal choice for aspirants who want to form a deeper understanding to manage Big Data under a provided technical infrastructure. Additionally, this program does also fosters skills that are required for handling the lifecycle besides business problems of data analytics via visualization skills.

Students who finish an online MBA in Data Science and Analytics can hope to have an impressive start of his career with handsome remuneration.

Best Online MBA Programs in Data Science & Analytics in India

Great Learning – The Online programs of Great Learning are designed for catering to the demanding plan of working professionals. If you are a working professional, you can complete Online MBA in Data Science and Analytics from Great Learning according to your convenience.

Additionally, you will also get an opportunity to take part in online weekend mentorship periods. The courses of online MBA from Great Learning cover the newest analytics techniques and tools besides their various business applications.

Every topic gets covered in a hands-on and practical manner with different real-world case studies that allow participants to become successful in business roles.

upGrad – Students who enrol in upGrad get unmatched guidance from the top teaching assistants, industry mentors, and graders. Besides, students can also get a one-on-one response on personalized feedbacks and submissions on improvement.

Aspirants do get personalized career path right from industry experts for charting out the finest opportunities grounded on their interests. The experts of upGrad also help students in understanding the industry expectations for preparing their resume better. An enthusiastic Success Mentors gets allocated to every student for ensuring reliable progress.

The duration of the course is 12 months for 12-15 hours per week. The course proposes specializations in Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Business Analytics, Data Engineering, and Data Analytics/Business Intelligence.

Udemy – The course of Udemy on online MBA programs in Data Science and Analytics makes students have deep learning on the overview of the journey of Data Science. So, after students complete the course, they learn the following things:

  • The method of preparing data for analysis.
  • The method of curving-fit data.
  • The process of modeling data.
  • The technique of performing data visualization.
  • The process of presenting their findings besides wowing the audience.

Udemy courses have homework exercises which tend to be challenging and provoking but students do not give up and the courses help them in having a sound understanding of tools like Gretl, Tableau, SSIS, and SQL.

Springboard – Springboard supposedly proposes the only program on data science that is found with a job guarantee. This institute’s course lays stress on the data science foundations and allows students to take their pick from their focus areas. It could be deep learning, NLP, or advanced machine learning.

Aspirants who do an online MBA in Data Science from here are offered fourteen real-life projects that comprise a couple of industry-worthy capstones that impressively showcase their skills. Additionally, students also get one-on-one mentorship and personalized career training from none other than industry experts. The total fee for this course is INR 1,95,000.

Amity Online – Amity has earned its name as a prestigious university for various online classroom courses. It has also managed to bag an award for superb distance learning. The Data Science Post-Graduate Diploma Program of Amity is proposed in partnership with eCornell that embraces cutting-edge technologies of data science.

Students who complete their MBA online from this university get the advantage of many opportunities from reputed brands, such as Google, BookMyShow, and  The glimpse of the course curriculum of Amity University is:

  • Introduction to R and Python
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning

Students learn from online self-paced videos and the duration of the course is 12 months.


The above-mentioned courses are considered the top ones on data science as they can groom the skill sets of students remarkably.

Besides taking these courses, students can also get in touch with various other dedicated courses, such as Best Machine Learning Courses and Learn Tableau. After completing these certification courses, the chances of bagging lucrative jobs in data science gets improved.

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