The mining and metallurgy branch of engineering finds its haven at IIT Dhanbad. Having the tag IIT attached to it makes this institute even more prestigious.  Campus placements in such institutes make headlines every year. 

This year, despite the coronavirus pandemic and the consequent lockdown, IIT ISM recorded the highest placement package in three years. Contrary to physical placements and interviews which were held every year, this year, the placements were held virtually.

As per a report by the Career Development Center of IIT ISM, almost 188 students have been recruited by various national and international companies. 

The placement process is not a one day job. It began on Monday at 12 am, and per the latest report from the Career Development Center of IIT ISM, Yash Kumar Soni was offered the highest Package.

Yash Kumar Soni is a Computer engineering Graduate and was offered this highest Package of Rs 48.38 lakh per annum by a Japanese company called Linkedwiz Inc. This placement is in Jharkhand and Bihar.

The second-highest annual Package was bagged by Mohit Kishore. He is also a computer science engineer. Studied in IIT Patna, he received a package of Rs 43.5 lakh per annum form the company, Microsoft. This placement is also in Jharkhand and Bihar.

An official of IIT ISM claimed that 45 companies had recruited the students. These companies include three foreign companies such as Microsoft and Linkedwiz Inc. As per the official, Companies have shown to prefer Computer Science Engineers the most, followed by petroleum engineering and mechanical engineering.

The numbers of computer engineers recruited are 56 in number. They are followed by petroleum and mechanical engineering, which is 15 and 12 students, respectively.

Despite the IIT ISM Dhanbad being closed since March 22, placements were not affected. Though the University had to adopt the virtual method of placement, it was still able to make headlines because of the high packages received by its students.

Apart from Yash Kumar Soni and Mohit Kishore, many other students got a good package, but their names cannot be made public due to the various security reasons that come with making such information public.

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