Why MBA HR? | K J Somaiya Institute of Management

Over the years career opportunities in the Human Resources area have grown in the industry. Talent acquisition, Talent development, Salary reward and benefits, Employee relations, Human Resource analyst, HR automation and information, HR Consulting, HR Businesses and multiple such opportunities continue to flourish for those who want to make a career.
The curriculum for the program offered by K J Somaiya Institute of Management is designed in such a manner that students not only master the fundamentals of Human Resources Management but also the core Business Principles of Management. This will eventually help the students to manage complex challenges where multiple skills are required.
Since this course has a specialised focus on the HR management and the HR industry, subsequently it ensures a finely balanced mix of students focused in the same direction.
The HR industry is very receptive to such specialised MBA HR programmes as it provides the students unique learning moments, peer interactions and in-house intellectual capital which enables them to have an extra edge in the industry.
Who should select this specialised MBA HR Programme?
Students who are certain that they would want to pursue their career in the field of HR should definitely opt for this specialised course as it will not only help them dive deeper in the subject but also help them gain leadership skills tailored specifically to the HR industry.
Additionally, for students who have prior experience in another management field and would like to switch to the field of HR, this programme particularly adds more value for a stronger foothold in the industry.

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