Aggrieved candidates are furious that the examination was held in the unfair manner as some of the candidates who are connected to the BJP party was involved in the copying but was protected by the officials from facing an action for the offence they caused. Other candidates are furious that action hasn’t been taken as the copied candidates are linked to the ruling party.

The candidates were involved in the protest for the second day in a row demanding the cancellation of the clerk recruitment exam held as the government came up with a usual dialogue that the government will do their best ensure justice for the crime took place. Chief minister Rupani has said that the action will be taken after an enquiry.

But he did not give any assurance that the examinations held will be cancelled which worries the candidates who are in protest.

The clerk recruitment exam was held to hire 3.910 posts and the copying was happened and the copied candidates are identified to be linked with ruling party which made other fair candidates to go on for the protest.

Candidates say that their government is responsible in taking action against this mass copying as it is a crime that spoils the career of lakhs of peoples in the state and this cannot be left off carelessly like any other promotions.

The candidates claim that the copying not only happened in few centers but almost in every examination center. The government claims that they received only 39 written complaints.

The candidates said that they won’t withdraw from the protest unless the justice is served for them. For them, the government should cancel the examination took place.

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