The past few decades have seen women make significant progress in society. Yet, they form a small percentage of the corporate world. Despite being half the population, women make up only 7.4% of the CEOs and 27% of the board members of Fortune 500 companies. Business schools, too, have failed to achieve gender parity. And just as the professional business world hasn’t reached gender parity, neither have business schools. 

There is a need to reimagine the traditional MBA programme to prepare women for the challenges of this male-dominated business world. Designed with inputs from the foremost higher education experts and a first-of-its-kind curriculum that blends management practice and liberal arts, the Vedica Scholars Programme for Women offers a unique and unparalleled opportunity for young women professionals.

Through its alternative approach and innovative pedagogy, Vedica aims to train candidates to excel at management and develop well-rounded personalities to become capable leaders. The four tracks at Vedica serve as the pillars for the foundation of solid management education.

Critical thinking and Communication: Thinking critically and communicating effectively are the most sought-after attributes in a potential employee, regardless of function. Vedica’s ‘Thinking & Communicating for Impact’ track offers courses on critical thinking, logic and structure, the fundamentals of language, business writing, verbal communication, and public speaking – ensuring Scholars outshine their peers with the ability to communicate critical management decisions effectively.

Meaningful Guidance and Mentorship: Early-career professionals often face challenges finding and making the most of mentorship. Vedica’s most exciting features is its ‘Shadow a Woman Leader’ module. Scholars have the opportunity to work with successful, senior women professionals at the helm of prominent organisations across the globe. This gives students practical insights into management practice and exposure to women’s leadership and its challenges. Testimonials by Vedica alumnae speak volumes of their unparalleled experiences.

Understanding of the Self: To become influential leaders, students must learn to develop the self-awareness to manage their behaviour and relationships and make decisions. The ‘Taking Charge of Personal Growth’ track at Vedica offers courses in understanding the self with the aid of a series of tools and psychometric assessments. Cultivating self-confidence and self-awareness enables Scholars to leave a lasting impact on the corporate world. Vedica provides a platform to its scholars to learn and grow in a non-judgemental space where women can compete and collaborate well and be a better version of themselves.

Build Resilience & Adaptability: Resilient professionals can sustain their energy under pressure, cope with disruption, and adapt to change. Vedica equips women with the skills needed to navigate the challenges they face in a male-dominated workplace and ensure ‘break-free’ careers by encouraging women to build resilience.

Vedica has transformed the traditional approach to management education. With a faculty of stellar academics and practitioners and a cutting-edge curriculum, the programme enables women to stay and thrive in the workforce.

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