GD/PI | A very Strange Interview


WAT/PI EXPERIENCE (11/02/2017)

OA: 91.94 VA 84.83 DI 96.01 QA 84.69 X/XII/GRAD (EEE ENGG. FROM NIT): 87.5/82.01/64.7 NC OBC WE: 42 months


Two interviewers in the panel, one maybe 30 years old, and other 50-60 years old.

P1: Asked me to tell about myself,

Me: Answered. They asked me to answer loudly since I was not audible to them. (Which I did)

P2: went through my file and asked me the reason for low grades in college.

Me: Answered

P1: So you have learnt economics and principles of management at college. Asked me questions from those. (Asked me what are the principles of management and few other questions on the same)

Me: Answered confidently (I brushed up on this topic the day before the interview)

P2: Asked me question related to switch gear (the only core question).

Me: I said I don’t know.

P1: Told me to name an artist from Kerala.

Me: Raja Ravi Varma

P1: Name one of his work

Me: Shakuntala.

P2: Name any painting of his which is placed at the Mysore palace.

Me: I don’t know.

P1: How do u rate your communication skills? (Not sure if they were satisfied)

Me: I said I am trying to improve on the same.

P2: Asked me to contact the public relation cell of IIM Lucknow and get name of few books related to economics. (Don’t know why?)

Me: I asked which books and they told me the PR cell will let me know.

P1: We are done, you can leave, all the best!

Me: Thank you sir.

A very strange interview. Hardly 10-15 mins, no work ex related questions and not much core related question.

I was the last one to be called in my set and people before me were grilled for around 30-45 mins.

I am confused, since this was my only old IIM call and I would not be able to attend CAP interview. Will this affect my admission to any new or baby IIMs (not keeping any hopes for IIM L), as I am not sure if I performed well at the interview,

Anybody with similar experience or know people from the past who has had such a short-time interview and has converted any IIM?