GD/PI | Tell us about Ramanujan’s Number?

IIM A (FABM) – 14th Feb – Venue – Ahd

GD – Case Discussion

Rural women empowerment 

10mins reading time

10mins discussion

10mins one pager summarization


1. Give us in a min your impression of the GD.

2. How has GST Impacted the food chains.

3. What returns does one need to file for availing credit

4. Have u read today’s newspaper? Can tell the headline? Have you read yesterday’s news?

5. What do you know about Trump

6. Which other nation is in news these days? (N.Korea)

7. Apart from USA, which other country is against N. Korea testing?

8. What is going on in India?

9. Which states are up for elections?

10. Which is ur favourite topic in maths?

11. Tell us about Ramanujan’s number.

12. Do u know any mathematician?

13. Who invented zero

14. What is 22/7

15. What do u mean by rationalizing factor?

16. What are irrational numbers?

17. Is pi rational or irrational?

18. Root 2 is rational or irrational? How?

19. How do u express sin x on a graph? Or sin 1/x?