Amidst the global pandemic, students have been facing unforeseen barriers in terms of placements, packages, and jobs. With a sudden downfall in jobs, students have been left with no other option than to struggle in the economic-stricken corporate industry.

However, in the latest update, IIM Ahmedabad has showcased exceptional placement results along with a 35 per cent hike in the highest domestic salary package offered to eminent students of the institution.

The institution broke all barriers and gained massive momentum amidst the slowdown and recession in the nation. The hike in the domestic package was notable since the institution was not offered any international offer this year.

The Indian economy has lately been on a shipwreck, and students from different sections of the country have been struggling to make both ends meet.

COVID-19 has taken the country by storm and has affected every sector in devastating manners. Therefore, news like these has had a positive effect in difficult times like these.

The one-year audited placement report for the 2021 MBA programme was released by the institution reflecting a massive hike in placement offers made by several eminent organisations and companies.

The institution has witnessed an overall hike of 35 per cent in the highest domestic offer and a 10 per cent hike in average packages offered to young professionals than the previous years.

The placement programme for IIM Ahmedabad students was completed by July 2020. Moreover, the PGPX placements were commenced from 11th November 2019 and were continued till July 2020.

Here are a few highlights of IIM Ahmedabad PGPX Placement 2020. 

  1. A total of 140 students were made eligible for the annual placement process by the institution,
  2. Out of 140, 125 students participated in the placement process
  3. Around 120 students were accepted by different organisations and companies for distinct sectors and job profiles
  4. 7 students were not a part of the campus placements
  5. 3 students have been working separately on entrepreneurial programmes
  6. The highest domestic package was up to Rs. 81 LPA this year. For the previous year, it was Rs. 60 LPA
  7. The average domestic package was up to Rs. 33,36,247 LPA. For the previous year, it was Rs. 30,35,708 LPA
  8. Some of the top recruiters for 2020 placement process were Microsoft, PwC, Visionet Systems, Shell, Genpact, Adani Group, Aditya Birla, Bank of America, Axis Bank, Amazon, Bharti Airtel, Deloitte, Accenture, Schindler, etc. among others.

Here is a glimpse at the various functions in which the students of the PGPX programme were placed. 

Out of 120 students selected by the annual campus placement process, the highest sector offering jobs was the sales/marketing industry of the country. Apart from this, students have been offered jobs in other distinctive sectors as well. The details have been mentioned herewith.

  1. Consultancy- 15
  2. Finance- 04
  3. General management- 19
  4. Human resource- 02
  5. Marketing and sales- 24
  6. Operations- 22
  7. Research and advisory- 01
  8. Strategy- 09
  9. Supply chain management- 02
  10. System/IT- 15
  11. Others- 07

The institution has been offering a great alignment towards the candidates’ skill sets and aspirants. Therefore, with the assistance of networking, the institution has done wonders during economical devasting times like these.

Through a unique teaching methodology and well-balanced in-class learning experience, the students have been pushed forward in the race of success.

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