Covid-19 Impact: IIMs likely to Resume Classes in August of this year

With the ongoing pandemic, all the educational institutes are hit hard and are unable to function as expected. And by analysing the outspread, it is difficult to say that it would be getting any better soon.

All the institutes have halted their studies and admission processes, including the IIM which released the shortlist in January. Many institutes have already switched to online teaching, and those who have not done that yet are in the process of doing so.

On the other hand, IIM Ahmedabad, and IIM Bangalore, which are known for releasing shortlist much earlier, joined their brethren for releasing the result on 8th of May. IIM Calcutta, which releases the shortlist 10 days after completing the interview process, was unable to do so because the interview was not possible.

IIM Bangalore, which generally releases the shortlist by April had to do it in May, like the other institutes, may start its sessions from early august this year.

IIM Calcutta has begun its MBA Ex programme, an online programme, which is easy to access during the pandemic. Like the other institutes, it is expected that this IIM also reopens in August in case the conditions are favourable and under control.

IIM Kozhikode is facing a dilemma of reopening the sessions and is in favour to do so in August in case the conditions are suitable and if all the safety norms are followed.

IIM Ahmedabad, on the other hand, has been offering mixed learning platforms for the last five years including online and offline resources. Hence, it is quite able on its own to host online classes for the commencement of the following sessions.

Other business institutions too, have switched to online classes and are providing resources over the net so that the learning process is not hindered, and the process remains smooth.

But even if the resources are available for the existing students, it is hard for the shortlisted students to decide on their institutions because of the unfinished recruitment process and other formalities which are not completed because of the ongoing pandemic.

Hope you get the desired institution you are looking for and sort out your admission process as soon as possible. Stay safe and stay home.