Commonly known as the Common Management Aptitude Test, The CMAT examination is a common examination for MBA pursuing students.  Conducted by All India Council for Technical Education, every year a net of 50,000 aspirants turn up for the examination from all over the country.

Knowing the list of the top business schools helps in having a better goal for the upcoming examinations and something to work towards. This helps formulate a plan of preparation for the examination in order to make the process smoother and better.

Knowing the list of the colleges also helps list out the colleges that one would want to apply to based on their needs and requirements such that they can pursue what they want to and however they want to in a steady and smooth manner.

Most of the top Business schools accept a top cut off for their examinations that would require thorough preparation from one’s end in order to get a suitable seat in their college for further evaluation.

Previously the exam was conducted twice a year thus giving students the option of preparing according to their availability. However, After the year of 2014, the AICTE board concluded that the CMAT examination would be conducted once a year to ensure that the procedure is even throughout the country. Like the previous computer-based examination this too is computer-based, however, unlike multiple days option previously, the exam is held in a single day, under a single slot, with a single window throughout the nation.

Without knowing exactly what the participating colleges are one can never truly prepare for the exam and understand the procedure fully well. One needs to realize what they are aiming for before actually aiming for it. The students prepare according to the   of select universities and set a goal in order to perform well and have a strict regime.

The need for this is to ensure that the preparation process goes about smoothly without hindering and causing trouble at the end when the results come out. Having a certain direction to look forward to gives the student the proper motive to prepare themselves in order to perform better than they could have.

This is needed to give a unified perforation ratio so that students can work for their goals in the future as well and have a definite idea of where they are heading. This helps to negate possible downfalls and the direction and goal are maintained.

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Given below is the list of the top Business colleges accepting CMAT score:

Top business colleges CMAT cut off scores. Fees payable.
JBIMS Mumbai: Jamaal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies 99.99   6.00
SIMSREE Mumbai: Sydenham Institute of Management Studies and Research and Entrepreneurship Education 99.96 1.36
Great Lakes (Chennai)- Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM) 95 16.45 (PGDM) & 18.94 (PGPM)
SIMSR Mumbai: K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research 97 11.93
IFMR Chennai- Institute for Financial Management & Research (IFMR) 90 (Without achievement) 12.00
WE School Mumbai: Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research 95 11.00
PUMBA: Department of Management Sciences University of Pune 95   2.45
GIM Goa: Goa Institute of Management 93   9.79
SIESCOMS Navi Mumbai: SIES College of Management Studies 84 6.30
IPE Hyderabad: Institute of Public Enterprise 80+ 8.00
Jaipuria Lucknow: Jaipuria Institute of Management 84 9.25
AIMS Bangalore- (AIMS) School of Business 80 9.00
NDIM New Delhi: New Delhi Institute of Management 80 8.25
JIMS Rohini Delhi: Jagan Institute of Management Studies 80 5.5
(ISBM) Pune, International School of Business and Media 80  8.9
(ITM) – Mumbai- ITM Group of Institutions 80  9.20
KSOM Bhubaneswar: KIIT School of Management 80 11.95
XIME Bangalore: Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship 80 10.00
VJIM Hyderabad: Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management 80 6.50
IES MCRC Mumbai: IES Management College and Research Centre 70 7.20
SCMS Cochin: SCMS Cochin School of Business 70 8.25
(AIMIT) Bangalore: Adarsh Institute of Management & Information Technology 70 4.50
MSRIM Bangalore: M S Ramaiah Institute of Management 75 6.90
FIIB New Delhi 70 7.20
JBS Noida: Jaypee Business School 70 8.00
IIMS Pune: International Institute of Management Studies 70 7.56
Calcutta Business School, Kolkata 70 6.85

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