CAT 2019 Preparation Without Coaching

With the ratio of number of seats in elite MBA colleges in India and the number of applicants for CAT getting lower every year, the competition is getting fierce year on year.

The result of which is the increase in fees for coaching for preparation of CAT 2019 on both offline and online modes. The middle class and the lower middle class suffer by this way.

The experts at have come for the rescue of such students. Yeah!! Preparation for CAT 2019 without the regular ways of coaching is definitely possible. With the internet available at meagre cost, ensuring that the aspirant is always upbeat and put in additional efforts are the only pre requisites.
Therefore, aspirants who do not resort to coaching classes stand equal chances to ace CAT 2019 as those who do take coaching classes.

In this article, we share a fool proof step by step method to ace the CAT 2019 without attending additional coaching classes.

1.  Be fully familiar with the CAT syllabus and exam pattern

The first step to prepare for CAT 2019 at home is to be extremely well acquainted with the syllabus and examination pattern of CAT over the years. CAT does not have a set examination pattern so candidates have to figure it out based on previous years’ question papers.

Generally, CAT is a three-hour-long MCQ based examination held in the online mode. The questions are based on various topics that can broadly be classified into three main sections: Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC).

2.  Be prepared with proper study material

Those candidates who do not take any aid from coaching classes cannot get formal guidance from trained educators; therefore, their books will be their only guide. Therefore, it is necessary for them to be equipped with the best books that are available in the market to prepare for and ace the CAT 2019 examination.

The section-wise books for CAT written by Arun Sharma, Nishith K Sinha and Sarvesh Verma are some of the best books available in the market to prepare for CAT. These books are available in both online and offline markets. For detailed article on best books and  study material for Cat 2019 – Click here.

Apart from this, toppers of CAT from different years suggest that reading the newspaper daily and being aware of current affairs can help students ace the DILR section of CAT 2019 while reading books of multiple genres can help students score better in the VARC section.

3.  Make right use of the internet

Usage of the internet for better preparation for CAT is definitely possible, by subscribing to the right YouTube channels and downloading the apt apps. Apps such as Qantas, Unacademy, etc can help students who refrain from taking coaching classes clear queries and prepare well for CAT 2019.

The point where an aspirant might get forced to pay, is to buy mock tests, which are available at competitive prices. Therefore, prepare well using the free sources and invest for the Mock tests would be the online preparation strategy.

4.  Join study groups

It is always better to study in a group. There are a few simple reasons for that.

Firstly, interactive study sessions between students can help all people in the group to gain a clearer idea of the topics they are studying. Students can help each other raise questions and clear their doubts.

Secondly, studying in a group can help students develop a sense of healthy competition. That way, each student will want to better themselves to not feel left out. However, the key to success in such cases is to ensure that the group is not too big and that the sense of competition is a healthy one and does not strain the student beyond their potential, so as to exhaust them.

Thirdly and most importantly, which is to stay in the zone. Staying with the like-minded people who are following similar dreams can help you remain undistracted.

While joining the groups seems easy, but being in the wrong group can put you in trouble.          Well! Pagalguy is again for the rescue. Click here and join our CAT 2019 group. And stay updated as we will have groups for other exams too.

5.  Take online mock tests

While candidates can prepare for CAT 2019 at home, they need to test their knowledge every once in a while, to gain an understanding of the quality of their preparation. Online mock tests act as a saviour in such situations. Once a basic preparation is done, students can take mock tests online to understand where they need to focus more, and where they can be confident.

These methods can help any student score well in CAT 2019. However, the key to acing CAT does not have anything to do with coaching classes or the lack of it. What matters the most is the confidence and diligent focus of the aspirants. If studied daily in a focused and well-planned manner, any student can score well in CAT, irrespective of whether they take the assistance of coaching classes or not.

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