It won’t be wrong to call Logistics and Supply Chain Management the heart of an enterprise. These processes are essential to an organisation’s success and play a key role in customer satisfaction, which is why it is not surprising to see immense growth in these areas. The global logistics and supply chain software market has been evolving at a CAGR of 9.7% since 2018 and is expected to reach a net worth of $24,532 million by 2025.

Being a professional working in this vertical gives you several benefits. To start off, there are several career paths one can take within this industry. In fact, all key trades today require professionals equipped in these skills. Moreover, the average starting salary offered to a logistics and supply chain expert is incredibly attractive and ranges around 4-5 lakhs, which increases manifold with experience. However, being a part of this highly rewarding industry requires students to be specialised in these domains. Here’s how you can accomplish the same and make a mark for yourself in the area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Specialised Higher Education

A student’s higher education dictates the future of his or her career. This is why it is crucial to go for an educational programme that clears out the various technicalities of your future profession. A specialised programme in the domain of logistics and supply chain management will help students look at the industry from a professional’s perspective and provide them with a clear understanding of the way the industry functions.

ILAM (Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management) is an institute that provides a professional degree in this domain in the form of an MBA in Logistics and Aviation Management. This programme covers the various facets of the industry through modules in Warehouse and Inventory Management, Global Supply Chain & Logistics Management, and Strategic Management. These modules help prepare students to face the professional world and formulate a journey from being students to turning into full-fledged experts.

Industry Exposure

Being in an industry as technical as Logistics and Supply Chain Management requires more than just theoretical expertise. Practical exposure and learning by observing industry trends help students become an eminent player in this profession.

ILAM, through its industry connections, helps students attain excellent exposure. Students are introduced to the industry in the form of workshops, guest lectures, and industry visits. These practices are critical parts of a student’s development and play a major role in their education.

ILAM provides students with best-in-class education and allows them to become ideal candidates in their respective careers. This methodically curated course-work and extensive industry exposure help students in their professional journey. In addition to these factors, the attractive recruitment programme of ILAM brings students closer to their dream organisations by attracting top recruiters like Amazon, Decathlon, TNT, Blue Dart, Tata, and FedEx.

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