When it comes to the business world, the Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is a highly sought-after curriculum. It expedites your existing position and provides you with various options for changing and streamlining your profession. MBA is also an excellent option for fresh graduates as it helps your position yourself as a master in multiple avenues of business & management, providing your un edge over others. With an MBA from a reputable Business School, you may open the door to a world of wonderful chances to further your career and enhance your personal growth, both of which are crucial in the corporate world.

In terms of exceptional career potential, the college in the background is IILM University, Gurgaon. IILM is proud of its internationally integrated and inclusive curriculum, which allows students to build strong networks for their future. Their great intellectual tradition inspires students to strive for distinction in their fields and to pick their career routes. Here are a Best  6 career opportunities  to consider after earning your Master of Business Administration degree.

Consultancy and General Management

If you consider yourself the jack of all trades, then this is the career you should set your eye on. A consultant is responsible for helping organizations solve problems and enhance their profit. Their responsibilities are mainly- managing teams, client interaction, problem-solving, strategic analysis, and interviewing potential talents for the company. The salary that a consultant or manager can expect is around 9 to 35 lakh based on their experience and qualification. Graduation from a reputed Business School gives professionals an edge. This is usually witnessed in the IILM students equipped with analytical, technical, and decision-making skills that help them establish their expertise in the said field. 

Human Resource Manager

The role of HR will give you the doorway to a company’s hiring, interview, and employee training processes. You will be responsible for handling the mentioned processes. You would also have the tasks of creating a holistic and professional environment and fostering collaboration, communication, and growth within different company teams. As an HR, your vital pursuits should be time-management, salary negotiation, problem-solving and organizational skills. The salary of the HR manager ranges from 7 to 20 Lakh, from inexperienced to experienced. At IILM, students are prepared to step into the HR world by nurturing them with a psychological understanding of employees, a global mindset, and innovative thinking. These skills are imperative to becoming an HR Manager in the fast pacing world.

Investment Banker

Investment banking and insurance are two highly important sectors that MBA graduates have consistently become popular. As an investment banker, you will be required to prepare reports on mergers and negotiations, allot roles, manage investments, create presentations, and identify financial risks. An average starting salary of an investment banker is 9 Lakhs, but it can vary highly based on your educational qualification. IILM offers an MBA in FinTech that provides the student with a blend of innovation, technology, and finance. This combination is exceptionally high in demand after the advent of Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Sector. Technical knowledge includes blockchain, digital advisory, trading systems, design thinking, and many more.

Marketing Manager

Marketing is the buzzword of this century that every millennial, genz and even Boomers can hear. As a marketing manager, you will be able to create and execute strategic marketing plans for the company that will meet its marketing requirements. You will need to research market trends, capitalize on consumer experience and develop campaigns per company needs. The average salary varies from 2.4 Lakh to 25 Lakhs. IILM provides industry exposure and R&D opportunities that hones the analytic and quantitative capabilities required for the profession. It also teaches how to analyze market environments and assess the market disruptions that enable students to structure and launch market programs critically.


Entrepreneurship is a popular PGDM course that trains you to manage, accelerate and forecast business opportunities. As an Entrepreneurship graduate, you will have the freedom to either start your venture or render your business knowledge to the corporate. The average salary of an entrepreneur starting their journey is 40 thousand a month, but it varies from one start-up to another. IILM offers students a platform to learn, experiment, and grow with their businesses. Students are given the training to enhance their success rates and jump-start their start-up journey. After the course, the students can understand the start-up ecosystem and potential risks and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Data Analyst

With great demand, a data analyst is someone who analyses, configures, and uses data for the growth and profit of an organization. Their job responsibilities include analysis of business data, client interactions, interpretation of insights, and stakeholder interactions. Their average salary varies from 3 Lakh to 10 Lakhs. After pursuing the IILM’s Business Analytics specialization, you will be able to make business decisions based on IoT and Data that would be crucial for the company. The students will also get basic knowledge and skills that would be valuable for their corporate journey. Along with the theoretical understanding of the concepts, the students will get a chance to work with the much-needed practical frameworks. They will assess and analyze them and learn to extract and focus on the essential ones.

We may envisage a bright and vibrant future after earning an MBA. As a student, you will have a plethora of options to explore until you discover your match. You can find your route in finance, human resources, marketing, or data; each will lend a unique flavor to your working life. As a result, apply to business schools that will provide real-world experience before you step foot in the real world. You should concentrate on your real skill and knowledge growth as an MBA graduate. IILM is one of the prestigious institutions that can help you with this. It will channel your professional ambition and push you to move up the corporate ladder daily.

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