Be Corporate Ready Through These Job-Specific Skills

The pandemic has, by all means, brought certain things to a halt, be it PPO, internship offers, even the option to study further. But learning is a constant endeavour that should not face any stop. It is a great opportunity for students to get holistic exposure by inculcating a nuanced skill set. Aside from adding value to one’s CV, it also helps in the long run by accelerating one’s professional pursuits. Be it the BFSI or HRM sector, the certifications add an edge to one’s resume and empower them with the right skills. Here is a list of some certifications that one can pursue:

Digital Marketing

In the quest to make a mark in the realm of marketing, pursuing a certificate in digital marketing is the right step. From google analytics, Facebook marketing to LinkedIn network building, a Digital Marketing certificate is the suitable space to get the necessary skills set to traverse the path of marketing.

Market Research

From strategy, growth hacking, and even business development, the certification in Market Research will help you traverse a spectrum of roles. Further, market research provides an easy gateway for getting into multiple sectors. 

Quality Assurance and Operations Management

In the process of acquiring the holistic knowledge of operations management, the aspect of getting expertise over quality management and assurance becomes essential. Be it the goal to manage operations in FMCG, IT, or Finance; the Six sigma courses leverage holistic growth in the said domain.

Business Analytics

This field draws majorly from data analysis to blend in a perfect mix of data with business decisions to help an organization grow swiftly. A business and data analysis role is a good way to get into the IT industry and tread towards a landmark career option. 

Product Management

Some of the leading Fortune 500 companies and e-commerce organizations are always looking for the leading product managers. The domain involves challenging tasks like operations management, strategy, and finance. The cherry on the top is that this career has landmark growth opportunities. 


Finance is the challenging yet suitable option for those with an analytical bent of mind. In this regard, there are multiple options available in the realm of finance to get a certification and envision a career path that is always evolving. 

Financial Analyst

For this role, the mandatory prerequisite is to get a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a finance-related major. Getting this certificate and learning this skill would help you to ace all the finance-related jobs. This course can help one to get all the tricks of the trade to understand the finance-related roles. 


Being the most popular course among recent graduates and even working professionals, Python is used for multiple functions. Multiple engineering and designing jobs rely on an advanced understanding of Python. From game development, machine learning to database management, the knowledge of Python goes a long way. Getting the knowledge of Python would, by all means, open up prospects for you in the corporate while also landing you up with opportunities of side hustle by taking up freelance projects. 

Statistical Tools for Data Analysis

We are all surrounded by data in the present world. Of course, the prominence of data on our lives has transcended our personal lives. To understand data one needs an understanding of multiple statistical tools. Getting a certification in statistical tools for data analytics helps one to get adept in this realm. 

HR Training and Development

Even during the uncertain times of the pandemic, HR as a field thrived. This shows the primacy of HR in leading organizations. This module makes one adept in understanding HR tools to handle in swift transition in the lives of employees- both internal and external.

These are some of the basic skills that one can acquire to embark on a holistic career goal. Whether you are a student or a working professional, these certifications would add value to your profile in a monumental manner and help you embark on the path of growth in your career trajectory.

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