10 Certifications to Check to be Job-Ready in the Post-COVID 19 Scenario

The COVID pandemic has created a massive void in the expected college terms and job enrolments. However, it has allowed students and other professionals to upskill themselves and make themselves a better fit for the industry. The lockdown has open doors to prominent courses and virtual workshops to enhance your job profile or CV.

However, applying to a random course may not add enough value to your CV. Therefore, it is essential to choose a course or a workshop as per your future job plans. An aspiring candidate can gain prominent certificates to feature in their resume while being surrounded by four walls of his house.

Whether you wish to work in the sales section or a well-known marketing sector, it is essential to spot the required courses. However, there are certain courses which will help you no matter which field you choose. This will help in strengthening your profile and apply to further prospective job titles and positions.

The following content features prominent courses and areas which will help you no matter what career you choose in your future.

  • Business Analysis

Business analysts utilize their data analytics knowledge with business strategies to achieve growth and profits. The knowledge is required by prominent IT, bank, and consultancy companies. Recruiters are looking for candidates who can blend their tech knowledge with business strategies and work wonders.

A course by Simplilearn is offered by CBAP; the course offers an elite international business analysis polishing the extensive experience in business analysis.

  • Digital Marketing

It is a myth that digital marketing is restricted to aspirants working in the marketing sphere. Basic digital marketing skills can add bonus points to your CV.

Moreover, it can assist you in knowing how to make an organization or brand presentable in the digital world and how to connect with prominent clients and people. Hence, a basic knowledge of digital marketing is a must. A person can enroll in prominent virtual courses or workshops for the same.

  • Six Sigma for quality and operation management

It is one of the essential courses for people in the field of quality management, supply chain career, operations, etc. having a certification in this field can help you land a desired job position in a finance company, FMCG, or IT.

A prominent six sigma course yellow belt has been offered by Udemy and another on the Coursera website by the University of Georgia.

  • Market research

This subject can add tons of knowledge to people who want to work in the spheres of strategy, growth hacking, business development, product management, design, and much more. Moreover, basic knowledge of market research is essential for any field you land in.

It will also add a plus point in your CV. A market research course by the University of California, is added on the Coursera website is free of cost.

  • Finance certifications- CFP, PRM

For prospective candidates who wish to work in the finance, banking, consultancy, or stock market sector, a finance certification is essential. Basic finance skills will help in grabbing the attention of the recruiters.

Moreover, a person will also be able to polish risk management and financial planning skills. IIM Bangalore is offering a risk management certification course on the EdX website.

  • Financial analyst

A financial analyst is expected to hold a minimum bachelor’s degree in finance-related majors like accounting, statistics, economics, etc. However, for grabbing greater opportunities and salaries, a post-MBA is also recommended.

Learning the basics of financial analysis can help a candidate work upon numerous strategies related to the job. A certification course is offered on Udemy, which provides 360-degree insight into the roles and responsibilities of a financial analyst.

  1. Python

Python is utilized by large- and small-scale applications. It is a popular general-purpose programming language used by numerous programmers.

Python is used for activities about developing games, machine learning, finance, operational activities, HR, marketing, and much more. Therefore, learning python can help in developing basic skills in programming. It is a valuable skill that can add bonus points to your CV or resume.

An IBM data science professional certification course is offered via Coursera, which can guide you to basic python learning resources. Moreover, the University of Michigan also offers a python specialization course for beginners on the Coursera website.

  • Training and development in HR

The pandemic has caused massive changes in regular work environments. Therefore, there is a shift in the responsibilities of an HR manager, as well. Better policies are designed for the smooth workflow of businesses operating from work from home.

Building your basic knowledge about training and development aspects of the HR industry would be beneficial. Vskills offers a well-structured course through training and development certification. Also, various other virtual learning institutes are offering some amazing courses for the HR industry.

  • Statistical tools for data analytics

Different domains require data specialists. Therefore, a basic knowledge of statistical tools for data analysis is vital. However, the subject is not easy and requires technical detailing.

Statistical tools are designed to interpret the collected data in an organized manner. EdX features several data science tools and certifications. Moreover, a free machine learning course on Coursera helps in getting a basic knowledge of data analysis.

  • Product management

Product managers work on distinctive aspects like product development, operations, strategies, finance, and much more. However, while designing a tech product, basic knowledge of coding and software is also essential.

Learning the basics of product management can guide a person towards prominent recruiters, b-schools, and much more. A course by Duke Corporate Education is offered via Upgrad for prominent product managers. Moreover, another basic product management course is offered via the Udemy website.

Basic skills regarding different domains and subjects must be polished to gain proficiency. The lockdown is an ideal time to work upon developing an attractive CV and job portfolio. The virtual world is filled with numerous certification courses, which can help you in receiving basic knowledge about several aspects.

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