Bas karma kar fal ki chinta mat kar-2

part 1 :

It is not our problem that we fail, but it is our problem when we envy of the one who has succeeded. I believe that maybe he might not be that deserving but there is somewhere someone who is controlling the theory of equality and relativity. I strongly believe that the amount of success and failures are not permanent but they are distributed from one person to other for certain amount of time. Now the time is what we need to search for and it depends on how much one deserves. If you believe that you ought to have success then maybe whatever hard work you did will never go waste and will help you to regain yourself and find a new being. Maybe, the relativity theory is against you at this moment but that supreme soul has known your assiduity and tenacity and will certainly bring success in your laps and maybe this time for a longer period. It is just that the world is playing a big game of pillow passing where failure and success both are transferred to each other and it remains for a moment with each and everyone but the moment when music stops it has equal probability of giving you success or failure…..

There is a story about this, once upon a time there were 2 stones in a dense forest. Now both the stones were besides each other. Many travellers used to come and sit on the stones. There was one stone which was little sharpened from the top and so no one ever dared to sit on it. That stone used to taunt the round shaped stone as an idiot, who serves people for nothing and which bears unnecessary weight on itself. One fine day there was a big shiv bhakta who forgot his direction in the forest, at that time he saw this round shaped stone and it carved the stone and made a shiv-ling out of it and started praying to god. It happened suc that out of co-incidence some of his fellow companions found him. That bhakta then felt that it was only due to that shiv linga and so he then made a temple. That same stone on which people used to sit was now worshiped as god and on the other end the one which was proudy and was enjoying its freedom was used as a place to break coconut in pieces for offerings in temple. So THAT IS LIFE AND THAT IS THEORY OF RELATIVITY AND EQUALITY ? ?

I would quote Shri krishna”hey partha, tu bas karma kar, fal ki chinta mat kar….”

I post my views here ?