Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Must Have Skills For Every MBA, Ft. IIM Kozhikode

The presence of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning in our everyday lives is so entangled that we often slip our focus off the potential growth it brings with itself. If Siri could become a part of our routine without us even realising, it’s not unfathomable to tap into the tremendous transformation that AI and ML hold for the future and; us. 

But can modern startups and businesses grow through AI and ML? Moreover, can there be an arena inclusive of both streams – Management and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Companies today benefit from the use of AI and ML to an exponential height. Amazon is our most known example of a company ruling the market using Artificial Intelligence by knowing precisely what the customer wants and providing them with it. AI isn’t replacing humans but enhancing their capabilities and making processes more straightforward and doable. Having knowledge about the same is not a want, but a need required for and by individuals on the path to starting a business or having a straight-up growth in their career.

There is a growing demand for individuals trained in Management and having a hardcore grasp of AI and ML. If you’re someone intrigued and even slightly inclined towards this, this is where you’ll have all your questions answered!

  1. What exactly is an MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? 

Artificial Intelligence uses computers, software and algorithms to do activities that need human Intelligence. It is the ‘next big thing’ in technology and business and infiltrates our lives to the deepest core of everyday routine. An MBA in Artificial Intelligence will help you comprehend and study the development of AI and its impact and implementation on business. It’ll help you be a part of an industry that will probably be the biggest one in the future. You’ll learn the application and how to grow a business using AI, increase revenues and meet the requirement of what exactly is needed.

  1. What are the job opportunities and career scope post an MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

The job roles and opportunities post an MBA in AI, and Machine Learning are –

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Data Mining Expert 
  3. Statistician
  4. Software Developer 
  5. Product Manager 
  6. AI Data Analyst
  7. Algorithm Engineer, etc.

The salary of a fresher after this specialisation is around 7 LPA to 15-17 LPA and the course fee is around 3 LPA to 6 LPA. Top companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Reliance, Amazon, Infosys, Deloitte, Bain & Co, and Morgan Stanley are the major recruiters of students with a PGDM in Artificial Learning and Machine Learning in order to get people who enhance their services, develop transformative solutions using AI and contribute towards the company’s revenue and growth.

  1. What do you learn in this degree, and what is the course structure?

The course is of 2 years, a post-graduation programme which pre-requires a Bachelor’s in any discipline/entrance-based exams like CAT, XAT, GMAT, GRE, etc.

The course is divided into four semesters. The students are taught subjects like Business Law, Business Analytics Intelligence, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Business and Management, Artificial Intelligence Issues, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Change Management, Strategy and Decision Making, Global Marketing, The Geopolitical, Economic and Legal Environment, Financial Analysis, Organisational Behaviour and Learning.

  1. Is there a college providing an MBA degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

While many colleges are providing an MBA degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IIM- Kozhikode recently launched an accelerator programme to boost Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This programme aims to enhance and assist new-age businesses and ventures to accelerate their businesses.

New Age startups are the frontiers in the fast-paced technological transformational wave across AI and ML techniques. These startups are using technology effectively to generate and analyse market demand, increase revenues, and supply customers with precisely what they want. This is where the MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from IIM Kozhikode comes in. It is administered in cooperation with Deloitte and prioritises enterprises on the path to boosting revenue and growth by developing AI and ML-focused business infrastructures.

Artificial Intelligence increases the productivity of businesses by 40%, and 77% of electronic devices use AI today. Companies like Amazon and Netflix are saving billions utilising this technology with a rampant increase in revenues. The demand for individuals having a grasp on Management and AI is only going to increase in the near future, and being a relatively new course and domain, it becomes crucial to get along and choose the right steps for yourself.

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