[Amity Gurgaon :: Faculty Series] All about MBA in International Business

The world is no longer mapped on the business
blueprint with demarcated boundaries, rather today; it is regarded as a
boundary-less global economic village. There are no barriers to trade from one
country to another. Within the countries, there are innumerable industries that
lay the foundation for the country’s growth and development.
internet and hyper competition are dramatically reshaping markets and changing
the way business is done. Customer needs, values, ethics and norms have
undergone drastic changes. Today, customers want endless options and
alternatives. The market has shifted its axis from ‘Seller Market’ to a ‘Buyer
Market’. International marketers have to; therefore, make strong efforts to
enter new markets to sell their products and services whilst keeping the
growing competition at bay.
Organizations have
to evolve new strategies. They look for competitive edge and strategies based
on their value chain, strengths, opportunities and core competences.

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Brand and
product positioning is the name of the game. International marketing executive
have to be on high alert at all times so as to keep abreast with the latest
happenings in the global arena.
liberalization, globalization and privatization in developing economies like
India have created situations where international managers have to look for new
innovations and creative strategies in order to meet the competitive threats
positively and effectively and carve a niche for oneself.
The full-time
regular Master of Business Administration in International Business Program
offered by Amity  Business School is an
opportunity to achieve the aforementioned challenges and reap the
opportunities. Here, a plethora of activities like international platforms for
industry interaction, meetings with corporate honchos, CEO’s, top management of
MNC’s etc., aggressive placements in the top corporate houses of India and
abroad, renowned faculty & academia, world-class infrastructure, 100%
online teaching pedagogy etc. are just some of the things that make our
students culturally sensitive, dynamic and ethical global business leaders of
tomorrow. An opportunity to possess a dual specialization diploma (in addition
to International Business) gives a competitive advantage to our students.

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