7 Last-Minute MAT 2020 Study Tips

The first MAT or Management Aptitude Test of 2020-2021 is knocking at the doors of the aspirants. Like all other competitive exams, one cannot secure good marks without hard work and months of training when it comes to MAT.

Nevertheless, no amount of preparation will be useful if you are not following a ‘smart’ study approach. Here are 7 last-minute important study tips that will boost productivity in your MAT preparation.

The AIMA will conduct the Computer-Based Test (CBT) and Paper-Based Test (PBT) MAT 2020 exams on the 2nd and 16th February respectively.

7 Last-minute Important MAT 2020 Study Tips

  1. Revision-You have prepared for this exam for months and now is the time to go through all your notes. Revision plays a crucial part in the preparation of any exam. It doesn’t let you forget the things you have read or practised. Applicants must reserve the two to three days before the exam only for revision. The revision also demands a systematic approach, just like your mock tests or practice sessions. Develop a time-table for the Revision Day and follow it diligently. Revise all your notes, highlighted topics before appearing for MAT.
  2. Do Not Start A New Topic– Aspirants must focus on the topics he/ she has read until now. Beginning a new topic two days before the exam will only create confusion in your minds. However, applicants can read or practice a crucial topic (that you left for a later date) if there is still two-three weeks left for the MAT.
  3. Keep Practicing– Even in your revision days, you should practice all the important topics related to maths, reasoning, language, etc. Try to improve the areas you consider weaker by practising more. After all, practice helps in making the concepts strong.
  4. The GK section– Most candidates find the Indian and Global Environment section of MAT to be the toughest of all due to its unpredictable nature. Many aspirants read the newspaper daily and take note of the recent events of national and international importance. Besides revising the notes, candidates can read various monthly compilations of current affairs. Some of the best current affairs magazines for competitive exams like MAT include Yojana, Kurukshetra, etc.
  5. Stay Focused– It is very important to stay focused for the rest of the days or weeks. Devote your time to perfect your strong and weak sections. Take breaks between the studies but you should stay focused on the preparation for the coming days/ weeks.
  6. Equal Attention– All five sections of the MAT paper consists of an equal number of questions and marks. To secure a very good percentile, a candidate must always try to convert his/ her weaker sections into a stronger area. For this, all five sections require an equal amount of attention. Do not over prepare for the section you like. Also, do not ignore the section you fear.
  7. Manage Time- All the preparation can go in vain if candidates are not able to manage time on the day of the exam. Applicants of MAT get 150 minutes to attempt 200 sections. While this time might seem sufficient for some, many aspirants are not able to attempt the paper because of the over-emphasis in one section. The MAT does not impose any sectional time limit in the exam. However, candidates must divide the 150 minutes into the following time suggestions for each section. This will give the applicants time to think, read and attempt all the questions and sections.
Section Time Suggestion (in minutes)
Language Comprehension 30
Mathematical Skills 40
Data Analysis and Sufficiency 35
Intelligence and Critical Reasoning 30
India and Global Environment 15

Note- This is the official time suggestion from AIMA.

Best of luck!