5 Things You Didn’t Know About IIT Mandi’s MBA in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Recent years have seen widespread adoption of data science and AI technologies and concepts in the business world. Managerial decisions are increasingly driven by data, as seen by the digital and information infrastructures. Young professionals well-versed in data sciences are more important than ever in recent times. Specialized training is becoming increasingly important to develop the ability to address business issues and provide long-term solutions.

IIT Mandi’s recently launched MBA program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is a step forward toward equipping the future of the workforce with the necessary tools in this discipline. This course emphasizes the development of technical abilities in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology, among other things.

Here are five reasons why IIT Mandi’s MBA in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is a promising investment : 

  • Theoretical, Practical, and Experiential Learning

The two-year full-time MBA program, spread out over four semesters, has been designed to equip students with theoretical domain knowledge. The emphasis is on developing creative problem-solving skills by understanding the application of tools related to data sciences, artificial intelligence and machine learning in the specific context of business management. The course will also lay the foundations of industry-specific knowledge through an understanding of Python programming, neural networks, fuzzy logic and evolutionary computing, fundamentals of deep learning, natural language processing for businesses, and more. 

Along with this, students will also be able to sharpen their communication, leadership, and human resource management skills. The second year of coursework offers an option for students to choose from more advanced electives. There is also an option for experiential learning in the form of a project that a student can work on alone with the help of a mentor (either faculty or an industry expert). Thus, students receive a holistic and comprehensive education where they can engage in guided and independent learning. 

  • Building Leadership Skills

The MBA in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence course also allows students to tap into their leadership skills in myriad ways. Students can develop sound decision-making capabilities by learning how to derive business insights from data.

Undertaking individual projects also promotes a sense of responsibility and initiative. The curriculum includes legal and ethical aspects of business, digital business strategy, entrepreneurship, and strategic management. This ensures that the students who graduate from this course are prepared to tackle industry challenges in innovative, fresh, and confident ways.

  • High Placement Opportunities

IIT Mandi holds a track record of exceptionally high placement rates. The most recent placement drive of 2020-2021 for B.Tech students saw 81% of the registered students successfully placed. While the rest secured lucrative jobs independently, sought self-employment, or prepared for higher studies and exams.

The success of their placement drives illustrates IIT Mandi’s commitment to ensuring a rewarding future for their students.

  • Institutional Partnerships with Top Recruiters

IIT Mandi’s past campus placement drives have seen companies like Microsoft, Amazon, DE Shaw, Adobe, Intel, Mahindra and Mahindra, and others. The placement drives are designed and carried out in order to assist their students to aspire for positions that are most suited to them and their abilities.

Their alumni have also landed overseas positions. For example, Chandan Purbia, B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Batch of 2017), has spent the last three years working as a data engineer in Japan. Similarly, Vishwa Mangal, a 2017 CSE Batch graduate, is employed at Indeed Japan.

This demonstrates IIT Mandi’s strength in shaping talented and exceptional workforce members.

  • Entry into a Flourishing Job Market

The domain of data sciences and artificial intelligence in business management holds much potential. Data analytics, machine learning, fintech, etc., are progressively becoming indispensable tools in decision-making and problem-solving.

Because of its niche and specialized nature, knowledge in this domain is highly in demand. Hence, the return on investment is high as corporates are eager to invest in competent individuals with the required skill-sets. Some rewarding positions include data science analysts, data science consultants, product analysts, product consultants, business intelligence developers, and more. 

There has been a gap in the high demand for individuals with specialized data science knowledge and a lack of trained individuals to meet that demand. IIT Mandi’s MBA program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is responding to this gap with its well-designed course structure. 

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