The global pandemic has brought an uncertain shift in different aspects of the lives of people. The population has been facing devastating hurdles due to the life-threatening pandemic. Businesses have faced several degrowth months.

Thousands of employees are removed from their positions without prior notice or acknowledgment. On the other hand, national and regional examinations for aspiring students are either delayed or postponed. 

Prospective MBA students often face the dilemma of either dropping a year for preparation or choosing between different colleges for further studies. This creates a massive confusion for the candidates during every annual examination or preparation period.

Therefore, it is essential to take assistance from experienced and knowledgeable people from MBA, b-school, or coaching backgrounds. Moreover, the hurdle is aggravated in cases of tier 2 b-schools. 

A possible answer to these questions is to make an ‘Informed choice’. People are often confused between two prominent colleges to take admission in. This dilemma is faced by thousands of MBA applications. Therefore, it is vital to provide a helpful answer to this question.

MBA or other similar domains do not make an individual expert in any particular field. It helps in developing expert strategies about distinct situations and problems. A cognitive approach is one that helps in eliminating the risk factors, creating a solid and structured framework, and listing possible outcomes.

Therefore, to select amongst the two prominent universities for further enrolment, a solid framework considering several aspects like assigning weightage to essential factors, risk identification, etc. is important. 

An effective framework can be developed to solve the confusion and select the best possible answer. Here is a curated list of a few aspects on which you can develop an efficient framework. However, other minor factors can also be considered before making the final call and getting further admission. 

  • The syllabus or curriculum followed by the colleges 

The curriculum or the syllabus followed by institutions form the core of every organization. Therefore, it is a key factor that should be considered by enrolling in any MBA institution.

A well-structured academic rigour strengthens the core of the college. An efficient curriculum features a course design, course delivery, and faculty deliverables.  

The course design is a key factor here. With the advancement in technology and new resources, the course design has witnessed massive changes regularly. Domains like digital marketing, efficient supply chain, data analytics, fin-tech, etc. are always into consideration for polishing the course design.

Practical approaches like case studies, workshops, collaborative simulation modes, video references, etc. add to the features of a prominent curriculum. Moreover, assisting students in the crux of business-related issues, approaches, practicality, and functionality is also vital.

The curriculum must be able to redefine trends and practices according to the need of the market. The feasibility and practicality of the curriculum must also be considered well. On the other hand, curriculum delivery is also essential. These factors are essential while choosing the most accurate college.

  • Exposure possibility in different domains  

Exposure in diverse and eminent domains is essential in delivering the curriculum effectively. This also ensures that a strong competitive mind build-up is developed. Exposure to distinct locations, subjects, personalities, etc. hold vital importance in strengthening the core of the university.

Webinars, seminars, and other effective workshops must be carried out at regular intervals. Exposing students to corporate competitions ensure that it allows students to are exposed to real-time industry problems in prominent companies.

Moreover, this also ensures that a candidate is exposed to better placement possibilities and further opportunities due to the job profile. These placement offers are achieved due to better college exposures and not offered on the campus.

Apart from this, conversations and networking with eminent corporates hold major importance as well. These corporates tell inside stories of corporate life and tell how real problems are solved with good approaches. These experts also expand your knowledge about different corporate domains. 

The location of the university also tells what kind of exposure will be allowed to the students. Universities located in metro cities have better exposures since the top-notch companies and other centers are near. However, universities located at remote locations are also coming up with better exposure plans for their prominent students. 

  • The placement pattern of both the colleges 

Major students consider the placement availability of the university they enroll in. It is one of the essential aspects of choosing the most accurate college. MBA aspirants in India invest heavy sums of money on the course and other expenses as well.

The opportunity cost, as well as the academic fee, is a burden on major Indian families. Therefore, numerous students study on educational loans. Therefore, the assurance of the desired placements should be made by the college authorities.

However, placements are deceptive since they are highly influenced by the candidates’ profile. Decoding the average salary packages and placements are the key to know about the placement criteria of different colleges. The alumni connection is also directly connected to placement activities. 

The knowledge of the quality of curriculum delivered, placement activities, and exposure of prominent domains is vital while choosing the desired college.

This would end the dilemma and help candidates choose the college according to the requirements of the aspirants. However, a comparison between two prominent b-schools cannot be limited to these three aspects only. There are other factors, as well. 

These three aspects, however, are the major aspects of deciding upon the correct option. The answers to these questions vary from one individual to another. These are just mere opinions but can be considered of major importance. A great deal of effort is needed to get a 360-degree view of every factor. Therefore, making an ‘Informed choice’ could be the key to major queries. 

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