Mudra Institute of Communications, (MICA) Ahmedabad Scholarships

  Ahmedabad   AICTE, Private   ESTD 1991
  Ahmedabad   AICTE, Private   ESTD 1991


MICA Scholarships

MICA, the only institute in India that provides Strategic Communication and Marketing courses, aid their students financially through merit scholarships. The scholarship programme was only launched recently in the academic year 2014-2015.

According to Dr Nagesh Rao, the then President of MICA, the scholarships were introduced to encourage financially backward but meritorious students to pursue higher education.

The scholarships are only awarded to students who are already admitted into the residential courses in MICA, namely Post Graduate Diploma in Management- Communications (PGDM-C) and Creative Communication Certificate Programme (CCC). a monthly stipend is paid to the candidates in Fellow Management Programme- Communications (FPM-C).

The selection process for the scholarships is detailed. Many factors are taken into account, the most important being the academic record of the student who has applied for the scholarship. The candidates family background is given a run through.

For the students to avail the scholarship, the student’s family should not have an income that exceeds 5 lakhs per annum. To prove this, the candidate is required to produce tax statements and bank records to the authorities. The merited students are invited by the institution to avail the scholarships.

The total number of scholarships available at MICA is 11. Five scholarships are awarded to students in PGDM-C 1st year and five more Scholarships are awarded students of PGDM-C 2nd year. One student gets the opportunity to avail scholarships in the Creative Communication Certificate Programme (CCC).

The scholarship almost covers 30% of the college fees for the candidate. An amount of 20-25 lakhs is set aside for the scholarships. Each student avails at least 2-2.25 lakhs from the programme. For the FPM-C candidates, a monthly allowance of 25,000-30,000 is granted.