Manipal University (MU), Manipal Campus Facilities

  Manipal   AICTE, UGC, MCI, DCI, INC   ESTD 1953
  Manipal   AICTE, UGC, MCI, DCI, INC   ESTD 1953

Campus Facilities

Manipal University Campus

Manipal University’s main campus lies in the town of Manipal. It is a behemothic structure sprawling across 313 acres over the plateau on which it rests. The Manipal University Bangalore campus houses almost 30,000 residents including students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff.

There are about 50 academic buildings and about 100 residential buildings. There are multiple entrances to the university town and means of public transport are frequently available.

The main entrance lies near Academic Block No. 1 with other entrances being located in Academic Block 5, near the 18th Manipal University Hostel Block and at the Student Plaza. Manipal University Jaipur faculty is considered as the best in here.

Manipal University Campus Highlights

  • Multiple food courts, cafeterias and messes in the Sikkim Manipal University campus are responsible for catering to the students’ food needs. Each food court can seat up to 1,200 people and serves about 900 people on a daily basis.
  • Over 80 residential buildings houses about 40,000 students. 75 to 80 percent of the hostels are inhabited by UG students. Rooms are assigned on the basis of seniority, admission test scores for first year students and the student’s own preference.
  • Each academic block in the campus is composed of five buildings. Each block is dedicated to a particular discipline or course. There are ten academic blocks on campus.
  • The Venugopal Temple located at the center of the campus was designed by the UG architecture students. Manipal university faculty members are experienced in their respective fields. 
  • The amphitheater at the Student Plaza is a marvelous architectural piece with a musical fountain in the middle as its crown jewel.
  • The Student Recreation Center consists of swimming pools, cricket ground, running tracks, tennis, badminton and basketball courts, a football field and a newly opened boxing ring among others.
  • The campus has bookshops, stationary shops, restaurants, ATMs and even a department store to cater to a student’s needs. 

Manipal University Hostel Fee Structure

Hostel Type Annual Fees (in INR)
Single Attached Bath AC 88,500
Single Attached Bath 36,000
Double Attached Bath AC 49,000
Double Attached Bath 32,000
Double Common Bath 19,000
Triple Attached Bath 19,000
Triple Common Bath  15,000
Four Seater Attached Bath 14,000
Four Seater Common Bath 12,000