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  Kharagpur   UGC, AICTE   ESTD 1951


Placements at IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur recently completed its 2022 placement drive, which resulted in 1600 placement offers. The number of offers increased by nearly 23.07 percent, while the top salary, INR 2.4 CPA in 2022, increased by 200 percent over the previous year. Over 400 PPOs were made available to students.

More than 245 recruiters participated in the placement drive. Recruiters from Google, Microsoft, Micron Technology, Uber, Honeywell, Excel, and other well-known companies visited the campus.

IIT Kharagpur Summer Internship Placements 2022 were also held. 116 recruiters visited campus during the summer internship placement drive, and 810 internship offers were made. The IT / Software sector received the most internship offers.

IIT Kharagpur Placements 2022 Report

Particulars Placements Statistics (2020-21) Placements Statistics (2021-22)
Number of recruiters participated 200+ 245+
Number of students placed 1284
Number of placement offers 1300 1600
Number of PPOs 276 400+
Number of international offers 30 35
Highest salary INR 80 LPA INR 2.4 CPA
Major sectors Software, Analytics
Top recruiters HCL, Hero Motocorp, Tata Steel Google, Microsoft, Honeywell

More than 245 recruiters took part in the 2022 placement drive at the IIT Kharagpur campus. A total of 1600 placement offers were made to students by recruiters. In addition, 400+ Pre-placement offers were made to students. There were 35 international offers. This year, the highest salary package was INR 2.4 CPA.

During the placement drive, the leading recruiting sectors were software and analytics. Google, Microsoft, Micron Technology, Uber, Honeywell, Excel, and many others were among the major recruiters.

Course-wise IIT Kharagpur Placements 2021

The table below shows the course-by-course placement data for IIT Kharagpur Placements 2021:

IIT Kharagpur Placements 2021 Course-wise

The below table represents the course-wise placement data of IIT Kharagpur Placements 2021:

Particulars Placement percentage Number of offers Highest salary Median salary
B.Tech 27.82% 220 INR 64.27 LPA INR 14.27 LPA
M.Tech 21.56% 162 INR 43.75 LPA INR 13.22 LPA
Dual Degree 33.58% 301 NR 80 LPA INR 15 LPA
Integrated M.Sc 11.6% 103 INR 70 LPA INR 13.22 LPA
B.Arch 2.14% 23 INR 37.62 LPA INR 12 LPA
LL.B 1%
M.Sc 8 INR 13 LPA INR 10.6 LPA
M.Sc & M.Tech 3 INR 22 LPA INR 20 LPA
PhD 2 INR 35 LPA INR 23.48 LPA

The students from the Dual Degree course received the highest salary package during the 2021 pavement drive at the IIT Kharagpur campus. The placement rate for Dual Degree students was also the highest.

MHRM Placements at IIT Kharagpur in 2021

The following table shows the MHRM course placement data for 2021:

IIT Kharagpur MHRM Placements 2021

The below table represents the 2021 placement data of MHRM course:

Particulars Placements Statistics (2020-21)
Highest salary INR 15 LPA
Average salary INR 11.23 LPA
Average salary of top 25% INR 14 LPA
Average salary of top 50% INR 13 LPA
Median salary INR 13.6 LPA

The highest salary of INR 15 LPA was received during MHRM Placements 2021. Students were offered an average salary of INR 11.23 LPA. The top 25% of the batch received an average salary of INR 14 LPA, while the top 50% received INR 13 LPA. The median annual salary was INR 13.6 LPA.

Report on IIT Kharagpur Summer Internship Placements 2022

IIT Kharagpur Summer Internship Placements 2022 Report

Particulars Internship Statistics (2020-22)
Number of students registered 1570
Number of internship offers 810
Number of companies participated 116
Top recruiters Honeywell, Amazon, Microsoft, Texas Instruments

1570 students registered to participate in the 2022 summer internship placement drive. 116 recruiters came to campus. These recruiters made 116 internship offers in total.

Recruiters such as Honeywell, Amazon, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Mathworks, and others made internship offers to students.

Company-wise IIT Kharagpur Summer Internship Placements 2022

The table below displays the number of offers made by the top recruiters:

IIT Kharagpur Summer Internship Placements 2022 Company-wise

The below table shows number of offers made by the top recruiters:

Name of the recruiters Number of offers
Honeywell 62
Amazon 28
Microsoft 25
Texas Instruments 23
Mathworks 23
Sprinklr 22
Google 14
Nvidia 14
Adobe 13
Oracle 13
Qualcomm 9

Among the participating recruiters, the highest number of internship offers were made by Honeywell followed by Amazon & Microsoft.

IIT Kharagpur Alumni Network

Name of the organizations Number of alumni
Indian Institute of Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur) 2029
Amazon 477
Google 458
Tata Consultancy Services 452
Microsoft 432
Qualcomm 311
Goldman Sachs 210
Kshitij, IIT Kharagpur 185
Spring Fest 146
Amazon Web Series (AWS) 132
Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur 131
Flipkart 120
Gopali Youth Welfare Society 118
McKinsey & Co 93
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 70



Year Companies Visited Highest Package Average Package
2021-2022 2.4 CPA 12.5 LPA