Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Kochi, a place 1482 kilometres away from my home, which has transformed me from a lethargic, shy and relaxed person to an active, confident and an energetic person.

XIME, Kochi, right from the day of joining has made a great impact on me. The first 2 weeks of orientation gave me a clear sense of how my life would change in these two years of my PGDM journey. Halfway through the course I have understood that XIME has helped me fight my inhibitions and help me flourish into a polished person.

The course curriculum at XIME is designed in a way to help the students develop to become future leaders. The top-class faculty here at XIME guide you, motivate you and help you to excel in the areas of interest. They have always been supportive of my decision making. They are always approachable and friendly in nature.

XIME is known for its diversity, here I have met people coming from different parts of the country. The best part of the institute is that we all celebrate the different festivals of India as a family. Our institute also conducts different state food festivals during these celebrations.

XIME not only concentrates on academic excellence but also gives us a chance to exhibit the hidden talents of the students. We have a cultural club which provides a platform to show our interest in music, art, and dance. We also have Clubs for different specializations which conduct events which tap the creativity and innovativeness in the students. XIME also conduct sports events and debate events which help in the overall development of the students.

The most heart-warming practice followed by XIME is that it has a club called X-SEED which is dedicated towards activities related to environmental issues and sustainability. All the students are members of this club. We all students together have engaged in many activities during the Kerala Floods in 2018 and helped the families who lived near our institute by providing them with the basic essentials. We also have a programme called SUPA (Socially Useful and Productive Activity) in which the students work with the NGO’s in their day to day activities. XIME made me realise that it is a citizen’s responsibility to not only take from society but also to give back to society.

Glee in being in a residential campus is that you get connected to your batch mates and seniors and establish a bond that is irreplaceable. My stay in XIME has always been filled with fun and enjoyment, the combine studies with my friends, studying for the exam till 3 AM, discussions about the exam the next morning, all this have added many more memories to my life at XIME.

It has been a fabulous year at XIME till date with all my batch mates, my mentors and my seniors. XIME has given me ample number of opportunities to improve myself in all the realms of my life, and I couldn’t thank XIME enough for all the trust and support.


-Uzma Syed,
PGDM 2018-20, Batch 6,
XIME Kochi.

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