Which RRB is the best for JE?

Indian Railways is considered the largest employer in the country. It has a dedicated network of Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) under the Government of India to manage the employment of new employees.

India has 21 boards situated all over the country:

Ahmedabad Chandigarh Mumbai
Ajmer Chennai Muzaffarpur
Allahabad Gorakhpur Patna
Bangalore Guwahati Ranchi
Bhopal Srinagar Secunderabad
Bhubaneswar Kolkata Siliguri
Bilaspur Malda Thiruvananthapuram

One such sought after job is of Junior Engineer (RRB JE) which is further divided into 5 specializations.

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Information Technology Engineering

You work hard for getting through one of the most sought-after government jobs. But there are lakhs like you who are trying to get through it.

How do you decide the best zone for to ensure that you bag that position you burnt the midnight lamp for?

We bring to you the factors to consider before filing your application to ensure the best suitable zone for you. An applicant can only apply to one RRB. You would be disqualified if you apply for more than one zone.

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There is no single best zone for the post of RRB JE. It varies from person to person based on several factors:

  1. Number of Vacancies: Certain states have more vacancies compared to others. We do not have any control over it. People tend to apply to those zones which have a greater number of vacancies under the impression that it would increase their chance of getting selected. It is an important factor and probability shows that the judgment might turn true.

But one must also consider that more vacancies mean a large number of applicants which in turn means more competition.

It is the general perception that people from the northern part of the country are more inclined to railway jobs. This too can be explained based on numerous factors.

RRB Zones in the South in areas like Bangalore and Chennai have other job avenues as these areas have become are IT dominated. The development of the IT sector and other service sectors give multiple options for other jobs to the people.

People from areas like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, which are predominantly agricultural, look for these government jobs.

If the number of vacancies is more in the north and south both, chances of a smaller number of applicants can be in the south. More people would apply in the north because of a shorter distance as well.

Also, ensure to check the vacancies of separate specializations. You may want to be a civil engineer in a zone with more vacancies, but it might have more vacancies for other fields and not yours. So, do not just rely on the overall number of vacancies.

  1. Cut Off: Another factor that applicants look for is cut-off of previous exams. The trend states that if a certain zone had less cut-off, it would be the same.

Though partially true, this factor has might backfire because no one can ever determine the cut-off marks.

  1. Hometown: It is a matter of personal choice. If you can easily get homesick or do not wish to leave your family, then no matter what the cut-off had been or what the number of vacancies is, you should prepare your best and apply close to your home. 

But if you want to go out and explore or want to consider other options, then no one would ever stop you from applying.

A point of caution: after the first step of clearing your entrance is the interview round. It is again based on merit but if only one has to be selected out of two people of the same merit, usual preference would be given to a person who is a native of an area that falls in the particular zone.

No employer, public or private, would like to invest resources on training a person who would one day leave to settle back in their hometown.

Even after getting selected in another place, people might continue to give tests in the hope of getting selected at their hometown. So, fearing that change, natives get preference over outsiders.

But there comes a ray of hope in the form of “Mutual Transfer”.

Normally, a railway employee is employed throughout his service in the same railway establishment to which he is posted but in case you want to head back to your hometown, “Mutual Transfer” comes to your rescue.

Let’s give a scenario. You are from Ahmedabad but get selected in Mumbai as a Junior Engineer. In order to be in Ahmedabad, you need to find another person essentially at the same post as yours, serving in Ahmedabad and would want to be transferred to Mumbai.

Considering the above factors, make a choice you feel is right and crack the exam and make a good life for you and your family.

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