Wharton Updates: R1 Applicants Can Now Apply Without Immediate GMAT GRE Results.

In a recent update in the educational sphere, the Wharton R1 Applicants are now free to apply for admission without waiting for their GMAT and GRE results.

The authorities of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton school released the latest update offering relief to aspirants looking forward to applying for MBA programmes and courses at the university.

The authorities would be accepting the application of candidates without the immediate submission of GMAT and GRE test result.

The university accepts applicants based on the score achieved in these two exams. However, the date of result or scorecard submission has been extended till 21st October 2020. The previous date for result score submission was till 15th September 2020.

The Wharton MBA program is well-known among young professionals for getting access to future stability and opportunities.

The holistic approach adapted to provide knowledge and learning to MBA aspirants through well-structured curriculum and courses, makes the MBA programme stand out from the rest.

The selection process comprises of two key dates- Application deadline and decision dates. Moreover, the overall application process takes place in three rounds.

Due to the shifting of submission date for result scores, the candidates can take several advantages. However, to take advantage of extended time in result submission, the applicant would be required to meet three conditions.

If the following three conditions are not met, then the candidate would not be able to take advantage of the delayed deadline of GMAT and GRE scores.

  1. The above condition would only be possible if there is no online test available at the location of the applicant.
  2. The candidate would be able to take advantage of the delayed deadline only if his/her location has restriction internet usage or limited access to offline in-person exam resources or transportation availability.
  3. In case of a medical condition or a disability, the candidates can give the test without submitting the scores achieved in GMAT and GRE test.

Amidst the global pandemic and travel restriction in different parts of the world, the decision by the university authorities brought relief to the applicants. Now the students can apply for round 1 of the selection process without submitting their test scores.

The changes in the university’s testing and admission requirement was announced by Blair Mannix, director of MBA programme admission at the Wharton University of Pennsylvania.

The prevailing health crisis and aftermaths faced by several students and professional made the university authorities take this decision in the forward direction.

The authorities believe that the admission process requires quick reforms for providing a flexible pathway for applicants to get admission into the MBA programme.

The stressful situation would have made several individuals drop out for the current year, thus, failing to make it to one of the well-known institutions of all times.

For more updates on the admission process and guidelines, the candidates must visit the official website of the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. Moreover, detailed knowledge of the selection process and admission criteria would also be of great help.

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