GD/PI: War Kashmir Crisis – War not Dialogue will end the Crisis?

Before we speak about any topic, and consider it for discussion it is quintessential that we know about what and why the current situation has arisen? Who started it and how did it all got started? Without the proper base, it hardly makes any sense to speak about today’s scenario, because everything around us today is cause of series of events, which is often termed as history.

Yes!! The Kashmir crisis is much older than the times India became republic, when the princely states were either requested or forced to surrender to the newly formed Government of India. So that one nation one law can be followed. This would have helped for faster growth of the nation and was expected to bring oneness in right and duties of every Indian citizen irrespective of provinces. The preamble of India was brought in existence to ensure that the expected uniformity is attained amongst the Indians.

Unfortunately, the Muslim league formed in 1942, led by Mohammed Ali Jinnah, created a greater impact in dividing the nation based on religion, so that he can be the prime minister of Muslim majority nation, named Pakistan. However, Jinnah also demanded for Kashmir and Hyderabad princely states as they had majority Muslim population back then.

Hyderabad was saved and remained within India, thanks to quick action by the Iron man of India, Shri Sardar Vallabhai Patel, but the issue of Kashmir remained. The King of Kashmir was given time to decide and was given a free hand to choose either of India or Pakistan to join with. The King of Kashmir decided to join hands with India, but by then it was a bit late. The independent Pakistan attached India on Pakistan borders and took a major part of Kashmir, which today popularly is known as PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir).

Considering the mishaps and the political fragile condition, Sheikh Abdullah, an influential amongst the Kashmiris stood up seeking for a separate nation of Kashmir, and would be termed Azad Kashmir. However, to retain the state, a separate citizenship to people who dwelled there before 1954, was provided and therefore Article 370 was implemented. This declines the right to own business in the land of Kashmir. Similarly, article 35 helps Kashmiris to get additional benefits, by means of which taxes get reduced and therefore everything across Indian and its borders reaches Kashmiris at such a low cost that is beyond imagination.

The present day Hurriyat in Kashmir therefore propagates the same and asks the Kashmir to be made as completely independent, which is the call for Azad Kashmir. However, Pakistan supports the growth of such mentality which would help India DE grow within.  Therefore, it can be stated that the curb of Pakistan’s involvement to larger extent can help India set back to faster economic growth without war like situations.

With the basic understanding of what the crisis is about, let us now try to understand is war only the solution for Kashmir crisis.  

What can be done if we do not take up war mode? 

We can initiate talks with Pakistan over Kashmir issue, only if:

a) Pakistan stops supporting the terror groups to grow on its land.

b) Pakistan declares the terrorists, who are globally disposed and are threat to whole world as ‘Global Terrorists’ and helps India and UN to nab them.

c) Pakistan should stop protecting the terror, as many a world Intelligence have proved that ISIS protects terror groups in Pakistan.

d) Pakistan should handover the territory of Kashmir, they occupied which was against the treaty as the king of Kashmir was given time to think upon.

e) Pakistan to stop ceasefire violations, by means of which it always wants to create political and economic unrest in India.

f) Pakistan to stop terror infiltration across Indian borders and stop terrorizing Kashmiris.

Now, considering the above aspects, it seems highly difficult for Pakistan to agree upon the above said points and also act upon them.

Right from the days of 1947, 1965, 1971 and the 1999 wars between India and Pakistan, Pakistan has always adopted betrayal and denial strategies to support itself.

Therefore, it’s high time now and India has adopted the newly strategized ‘defensive attack’ strategy to ensure its lands are safe.

Let us understand Pakistan perspective and it’s condition now over India:

a) Pakistan has been declared as terror nation by many a powerful nations across world

b) Many a powerful nations feel, India’s defensive mechanism of attack is its right and there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever

c) Pakistan, for the reason it adopted denial strategies earlier, cannot accept its mistakes and surrender

d) The country is going through extremely tough economic times and therefore is trying to talk peace, history says, war was always initiated by Pakistan

e) Except China, all other countries are in favor of India and therefore the winner of war, initiated by either of India or Pakistan will be won by Indians.

What else can India do? 

a) The economic/trade tie ups falling apart between Indians and Pakistanis is a great move to add insult to injury.

b) The further defamation of Pakistan across the world can definitely help. Reminding the world about what’s happening in India due to Pakistan will definitely propel Pakistan to take actions.

c) Pakistan lacks education, and many a foreign students from Pakistan depend on India for higher education. Lessening seats and increasing fees would definitely create a cause of worry

d) Not accepting any kind of friendly gestures, directly or indirectly, until Pakistan acts upon the border and terror issues, nothing should be heard upon.

When would war become ‘ no other options left’?

a) When Pakistan increases ceasefire violations and terror activities across borders

b) When Pakistan tries to defame India, stating us the oppressors.

c) When Pakistan starts breaking the treaties, which would affect the sovereignty, integrity and national security of India.

Summarizing, war is not only option for today. 

It is essential that we solve our internal issues as Kashmir, and unify it with the rest of country.

Post which, the external factors that cause us troubles can be considered.

However, if Pakistan tries to depreciate our efforts towards building better India, then it should be landed in trouble. That would be the time for defensive attack and ensure that we give befitting reply and also send the message that nothing can stop us from growing now.

 Golden tips not to forget:

  1. The selector wants to check your capabilities to take decision on ground facts and therefore do not bring name of any political leader, either from past or from the present, and speak about against or in their favour. The purpose here is to understand, ‘What you would have done in such conditions and not whether the actions taken by earlier or present governments was right or wrong?
  2. The nationality and pride is what we all Indians wear and having the abilities to accept the difference within the team members is a must in these kind of topics.
  3. If you are to make a bold statement, do not generalize. Always add, ‘in my humble opinion’ before the statement.

Ex: In my humble opinion, India should initiate and go for the kill to ensure that we can make the most of the present conditions, which favour India.