Two groups of students clash at University in Rajouri, 12 injured

The simmering tension at NIT, Srinagar, has now spilled over to Baba Ghulam Shah Badhshah University in Rajouri, where a clash between two groups of students erupted on Monday. This time around, it was a minor scuffle between a student belonging to Rajouri district and a student belonging to Kashmir Valley over attending classes that turned violent and left 12 students injured. Angry protesters torched vandalised property and torched several vehicles.

PaGaLGuY spoke to the Dean of academic affairs, Prof. Kaul, who said that it was a trivial issue. “Some students proposed to bunk classes. The other group wasn’t against it. The group of students belonging to Rajouri district clashed with the other group of students from the Valley over this issue. We scheduled lectures today, but the attendance was zero. The situation is under control, but it is still volatile.” 

It is the second such incident in the state within a span of a few weeks.