Tripura Government Announces Super 30 Scheme to get Students into IITs and AIIMS

Education is one of the most important areas in which the governments today are trying to make progress. It has become an important need in today’s day.

However, there are students who miss out on great educational opportunities, training courses and tuitions due to limitations in their economic or other resources. Keeping this drawback in mind, the state government of Tripura announced its new educational scheme.

According to Tripura’s BJP-IPFT, this new educational scheme will be called the ‘Super 30’. The announcement of this scheme was made Tripura’s State Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath on 4th December 2019, Wednesday. He stated that “Education is the topmost priority of our government.”

The new scheme is to elevate students lacking opportunities and amalgamate them with the mainstream of the society and at the same time encouraging all the capable and talented students to pursue the highest quality of education.

The Super 30 scheme will be applicable for the students of science stream only. As per this new scheme, the top 30 students scoring the highest marks in the science stream in the state board of Tripura, will get their Kota-based entrance coaching fees funded by the state government.

They can get the coaching for either JEE or NEET, according to their own wish. The coaching will help them crack these entrance exams efficiently.

The scheme will select the top 30 students. However, the policy of reservation will be followed here, so that students from  all sections get an equal opportunity. This is a great opportunity for the students pursuing the science stream as it is not a hidden fact that often parents face huge difficulty in funding the education of these students.

Education Minister Nath claimed that the students of Tripura are highly talented and equally deserving of opportunities to study in top science institutions like IITs, IISc, AIIMS, etc.

The follow the monetary details that will be a part of the Super 30 educational scheme –

  1. On the launch, an average of Rs 2.40 lakh will be provided to each of the 30 students on a yearly basis.
  2. Approximately Rs 72 lakh will be funded by the state government in the first of the scheme.
  3. In the following year, the state government will fund as much as Rs 1.44 crore in all.

This scheme will be implemented from the academic session of 2020-21.

If the scheme sounds familiar to anyone, it has been inspired by the scheme introduced by Patna-based mathematician Anand Kumar. Recently, a Bollywood movie was also dedicated to this mathematician with the same name as that of the scheme – Super 30. However, the Tripura Super 30 scheme did not officially announce any allegiance to this scheme.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) – Tripura Government 2019

Question: When was the scheme officially announced ?

Answer: The scheme was officially announced by the Tripura education minister on 4th December 2019.

Question:  What are the courses in which the selected students will receive training?

Answer: Students will receive training to crack medical and engineering entrance like JEE, NEET, etc.

Question:  How many students will be selected from the reserved category?

Answer: Even though it is confirmed that a reservation policy will be followed, the exact number of students to be selected from the reserved categories is not yet known.

Question:  Is the scheme applicable for students appearing for the state board examinations next year?

Answer: No, the scheme will be valid from the 2020-21 academic session. Students appearing for the state board examination next year belong to the 2019-20 batch.

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