Errors in JEE Mains 2016 paper puzzles aspirants

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had released OMR sheets and answer keys of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains 2016 on April 18, 2016. But the answer keys has left the aspirants more confused than ever. 

Praveen Tyagi, Managing Director, IITians Pace, Mumbai, said, “It is unfortunate that even this year’s Mains paper had errors. JEE authorities should be more careful and ensure that the paper is error free. JEE has no idea how even one such question can puzzle a student, and affect his/her overall performance.”

Every year, JEE Mains question papers are prepared by CBSE. “There were plenty of errors in Mains question
papers. There were inaccurate and factually incorrect questions. JEE even used
a lot of ambiguous wording, which made the questions unclear,” said Shishir Mittal, Vice-President, Resonance Eduventures- Kota.

Mittal continued, “Unfortunately, JEE has not admitted any of the questions to
be incorrect.”

Sarthak Jain, an aspirant from Kota, said, “I was confused with one question in Physics because my answer was not matching with the given options. I solved it four times and wasted good 10 minutes on it.”

If any candidate is not satisfied with any of the answer, then he/she can challenge it. For every answer challenged, students need to shell out Rs 1,000. 

Rahul Yogi, Faculty, Allen- Kota, said, “The answer key seems fine. I would suggest students to check their answers. In 2015, JEE Mains answer key was revised, but I doubt they will do it this time around.”

Aspirants across the country are getting worried. Some are planning to challenge the answers while some others are asking for bonus marks. Some students are still unclear about the overall score in JEE Mains. Amit Ahuja, Academic Counsellor, Allen, Kota, said, “There was one problem in Physics, where JEE has taken the nearest number to be the correct answer. I don’t think there are any more such issues.”

JEE Mains was conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education in two modes; offline on April 3, and online on April 9 and 10.

PaGaLGuY has reached out to JEE authorities. We will update the story with their comments when we hear from them.

The result of JEE Mains 2016 will be declared on April 27, 2016.