I am writing something on a publishing platform for the first time, and I’m nervous. Mostly because of the other document I am writing simultaneously: my resignation letter. I’ve ben working at this company for a year at an average salary, because of my average college scores as an engineer from an average institute. A mechanical engineer working in a construction company itself was never a cool idea, but the desperation for a job after college compelled me. Going by the cliche that nothing is average until one makes it so, I should refrain myself from using that word on myself.

Hence the resignation, while I prepare for the Common Admissions Test (CAT) along with the other top management aptitude tests. Given that I just received a performance-based salary increment of 50%, my decision to resign is questionable. But my proclivity towards the CAT as well as to study at a premium business school motivates me to resign all the same. In the end, this is my decision and I’ll never regret it.

Nothing special happened for me in the previous year. I have been working a six-day week at a place which is 60 kms from home. Reaching office at 8:30 am itself was an achievement in the Delhi-NCR area. My office never had parties or events and the working there was a “Two Punch, One Lunch” routine.

So a guy who used to head the dramatics society in his college was slowly turning into a blue-collar professional without a life. I did travel a bit, once to Mcleodganj and then on an official trip to Ladakh where I rode a bike to Khardungla Pass (the second highest motor-able road in the world). These trips were fecund enough to provide a new lease of happiness. I also met the actors Chiranjeevi and John Abraham who had come over to office for their movies’ promotional purposes.

So maybe this article sounds like a personal blog but it’s important to me. Writing this verbiage on a public platform will provide me strength and sense. I will keep posting and keep studying harder for my quest to achieve something that’s premium.

So what do I want? An MBA in communications is due to the fact that movies, theatre and art are what I always think about and branding/promotions are some of my areas of interest.

What is the hindrance? Only two colleges provide this specialisation. Why will I make it? Because I never had the guts to risk so much in my life, nor the zeal to make it to the top before. But this time, it is not superficial but something directly from the heart.

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