This could be your interview

Interview Debrief:

Hyderabad, 10th Jan 2015; 12:00PM slot (Panel-2)

Exp: 4Yrs; Interview lasted for 30-35min

Initially there were 2 members in the panel, joined by another
after few minutes.

Panel member 1: Tell me about your role in your organization?

Ans: I explained them and then the interview moved in that
direction for a while.

Panel member 2:  What is
the operations role you had in your last employer?

Ans: clarified them that I was in operations vertical and then
few more questions on what I did and what I learnt.

Panel member 1: How did your previous experience come to play in current

Ans: Explained them about that and few more questions on that.

Panel member 3 came now and asked my challenge I face in current

Ans: Explained them and few more questions on that.

Panel member 3: What is the current book you are reading?

Ans: Are you afraid of the dark-John Grisham

Panel member3: What is that you find fascinating about Ayn rand’s
Fountain head?

Ans: Answered them.

Panel member3: Then gave a guess-estimator and the interview
moved in this direction for a while. I felt I screwed at this guess-estimator,
although the panel helped me get the final answer.

Do you any questions for us?

Ans: I asked them the question I had in my baggy..