Why MBA?

Hello guys, here goes my interview experience. Hope it will help you with your interview preparations.

Interview date: 12 Jan

Slot: 11 am

Stream: Operations (Profile based call)

CAT:93.6 GMAT:720

10th: 92.5% 12: 91% College CGPA: 7.7 (IITBHU, Chemical Engineering)

Work exp: 3.5 yrs till date in Reliance Industries as Process Engineer 

Reached the campus at 9:30 am. The registration process was smooth. Just fill the registration form, be ready with your originals and photocopy as mentioned in the email. And it will be done within 15 minutes.

Time for psychometric test(15 minutes) and WAT (15 minutes). topic was “Was Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s decision to resign from test cricket a correct decision? Why? (300 words max)

Batches were made for GI 1. I was with three other guys (2 more Ops and 1 marketing, all experienced ) and one girl (finance, fresher)

Panel of three: two prof , one from HR

Started of with the usual “Tell me about yourself”. I was the first one to start with. I told my story (with interviewer asking 2-3 questions in between). They asked me about my home town, my hobbies (trekking, dance and running marathons). I wasn’t grilled at any point of time. just normal conversation( No “why MBA, why ops question to me). Then went ahead to others. everyone else was asked “tell me about yourself, why MBA, why this stream, your hobbies, work profile  ” (I was the lone person spared of these questions)

One of the ops guy was asked to rank SP Jain. The finance girl was asked to explain her WAT. and finally the whole group started discussing on the topic. ( actually everyone agreed with MSD’s decision to quit, except for the panel) Some random GK question ( I was the lone person to answer correctly). with this they wished us goodluck

Be very clear of your plan after MBA and future goals.

We waited for an hour for the GI 1 results ( all other groups got their result way earlier than ours). I made it to the next round along with another ops guy.

GI 2: two panel members (very senior people) . One of them was probably the Director of SP Jain. I remember him from a video.

questions like what is ethics, justify dowry (if you have to justify it to someone), your views on attack in Paris, war based on religion, live in relationship, who among the two are better leader: Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal, what was lacking in Manmohan Singh’s leadership   were asked to every person. We were grilled on each question, various cross questions were asked for our replies.

The panel probably wants to test your character and attitude with this interview.

The day ended with another psychometric test of 70 questions (very easy, can be filled in 10 minutes)

In the end I would advice to be prepared with Why MBA, Why this stream and your future goals thoroughly. And in the GI2 be yourself, think before you express your opinion.

All the best to everyone