The only source of knowledge is experience | KJ SIMSR

Because Albert Einstein once said- “The only source of knowledge is experience”

I started my journey of Chartered Accountancy, way back in 2011. I come from a family where my grandfather was among the first few to be entrusted with the CA degree by the ICAI & where my uncle is the partner of one of the most reputed CA firm in Kolkata. I was told that I am born to be a CA.  I cleared CPT and IPCC and completed my 3.5 years of Article ship. During the regular audit work, I realised I don’t enjoy auditing. I gave my CA Final Examination and took up an internship at a renowned NBFC in Kolkata. I was lucky enough to work under the guidance of Vice President of the Treasury Department giving me exposure to the finance field and making me realise that I enjoy numbers more than scrutinising the books of accounts. That’s when I realised, I need to do something which will take me closer to my interest and goals. That’s how MBA happened. CA provided me with domain knowledge, but MBA gave me both finance knowledge as well as experiential learning.

MBA does not only give a bookish definition of management but provides hands-on experience of management in every sphere of our life. Starting from managing finances to managing laundry to managing emotions and handling oneself along with being in the race where we are competing with a bunch of professionals coming from various backgrounds, it leads to the holistic development of an individual.

Down in my MBA by 4 months, I can vouch for having some of the experiences which not only taught me management but changed my outlook towards life. The cherry on the cake, of my MBA experience, is the amazing hostel life provided by my college-KJ SIMSR.  A vast expanse of land in the heart of the city, on which the campus is built is a beautiful place to learn and live.

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