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After the multitude of exams, months of preparation and sleepless nights, just when you thought it was over, comes the last hurdle of the Admission Process, the daunting GD-PI rounds.  Key to the admission process, at TAPMI, GDs tests the candidates on their listening, skills, articulation, confidence among others. So Before the D-Day – here are some pro tips – 

  • Be Confident – Whether a Difficult topic or easy, show confidence in your abilities, think, understand the topic, make a valid point, don’t rush to open the discussion. 
  • Draw insights and understand the topic, bring in your own thoughts and ideas instead of paraphrasing, originality speaks volumes. 
  • Connect these topics to various fields such as art, music, science etc. without breaking the flow or losing context, backed by relevant facts and data, and it will help you get the coveted brownie points. 

The next hurdle to cross is the Personal Interview (PI), which in TAPMI is used to select the ones with competencies such as interpersonal relationships, communication, self-management, etc. To tackle this round, remember these points – 

  • Be well-read about the course, have an answer to why you have applied to the programme, why the college, what makes you different and justify it! Read about the areas that interest you, and have something to speak about them. 
  • Be honest, you may not always know the answer, if such a situation arises, admit it, and do not beat about the bush. 
  • Finally, be yourself, they are looking for originality, the true you, not people who are carbon copies, don’t go in with only a strategy, be you! 

The Uniqueness about the TAPMI process is the Group Activity, fear not, for it is not a GD, it’s a stress buster and a fun round, that tests you for teamwork and collaboration.  The best part is you don’t have to prepare for it, just get your thinking caps on, and tackle the activity. 

For the activity remember – 

  • Keep an open mind 
  • Be creative 
  • Co-operate and Collaborate
  • Find easy solutions
  • And Most importantly, enjoy the experience! 

And before you take on this herculean task of tackling GD-PIs, we leave you with some general tips for the day – 

  • Get some sleep the night before. 
  • Arrive on time, Don’t be late, at TAPMI, we value punctuality! 
  • Keep your documents handy and keep multiple copies. 

From everyone here at TAPMI, we wish you – All the best!

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