Telangana Govt. may Introduce Coding in govt School’s Curriculum

Telangana Govt. may Introduce Coding in govt School’s Curriculum
Telangana Govt. may Introduce Coding in govt School’s Curriculum

The pilot program will be launched by the Telangana government and across 33 schools in the district to preface coding to government school students in the state, one of the senior officials confirmed.

Along with the State’s Education Department, the IT and Communications Department and the Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) will offer a week-long pilot in 33 schools in Wanaparthy district.

The members have been recognized to bring out a practical pilot of this project to evaluate the challenges that might arise while scaling the presentation beyond the state, said, IT, Jayesh Ranjan ’ Principal Secretary. Once they are done with entry-level training programs, school students and a teacher would be prepared in Scratch programming, HTML and Python programming languages over five days.

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The project aims to expose students to new skills. Starting coding skills at the school level will impress problem-solving skills among students. This will also square them to entrepreneurial possibilities. Around 99 students have been selected and 3 from each school i.e.33 schools in round for this respective program, confirmed president Sundeep Kumar Makthala of TITA global respectively.

This program is wonderful helping students to improve their personality and understanding of practical aspects which theoretical learning fails to do. The excellent idea shall sure shortly help students to grow in all.

The scratch program shall help to understand the technical aspect which is necessary if not compulsory. Though there is an improvement in teaching and learning program from the last few years as it is moving toward better practically and not just theoretically for the student this excellent way.

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