In a recent development, a mobile-based attendance system has been introduced and made functional in the government colleges. The teaching, non-teaching staff and the students of government technical and non-technical colleges, grant-in-aid colleges at present will also start marking attendance online. The system will be made functional on 1st August 2019 in 356 non-technical grant-in-aid colleges.

On 16th July, an education department circular was issued as a part of the Digital India Initiative that it is very important for the students and teachers to make use of the technology. The Government colleges have been asked to download and then activate the mobile-based attendance system and if faced with any issues, contact the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat.

Anju Sharma, Principal Secretary of Higher Education has stated that “After the system began functioning smoothly in government colleges, we decided to introduce it in grant-in-aid colleges from August 1.” Along with that, she also said, “Colleges have been asked to submit details of faculty and students as well as their daily timetable in a certain format, for the database.”

Talking about progress and development and use of technology, Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama had launched a similar system for more than 100 government colleges and 40 technical and polytechnic institutes combined, 10th June 2019.

A directive has also mentioned queries pertaining to what must be done when there is a possible wi-fi disruption inside the campus and online attendance cannot be marked. If such a situation arises, then the college principal will share the information through his office.

Gujarat State Government College Teachers Association has, however, raised opposition against the mobile-based attendance system. It hurts their dignity as a result of questioning their credibility, as told by them.

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