PGPM for Working Executives at TAPMI Manipal

The T. A. Pai Management Institute in Manipal is one of the best schools for business management in India. It has made a name for itself by continuously churning out world class professionals from its various programs, both for graduates and working executives.

It has forged a partnership with the Jamshedpur Management Association and is now offering a Post Graduate Program in Management in the city of Jamshedpur for the working executives there.

One of the biggest challenges that the education system of India is facing is adaptability. We are still stuck in a curriculum designed by officials years ago. However, this has not stopped TAPMI one bit.

It has designed this new program specifically to tackle all the challenges which the modern day professional faces in their work life, and reflect upon the opportunities they get and how to choose between them.

It also teaches the executives about all the current practices in the field of management and the industry. All in all, TAPMI strives to deliver a course which gives its students the perfect format for integrated learning.

This program is highly inclusive. It includes all of the disciplines of Management which are key to its field like Accounting, Marketing, HR, Finance, Analytics, and Operations. This inclusivity offers a highly developed program for the candidates.

It also provides you with various Capstone projects and various other modules for application to help its students develop a well-rounded ability for themselves. The institute has worked extensively to bring its own brand and style of management learning to the city of Jamshedpur.

This course not only gives its students a great opportunity for staying up to date with the current needs of the industry, it also helps the institute to engage actively and intensively with various professionals, thereby staying connected with the present opportunities, issues, and trends in the business. Hence, this course offers the institute a kind of strategic importance as well.

The institute brings the course to the corporate executives wherever they are, either by regular classrooms for learning or through virtual classes and delivery. It gives its students a kind of management learning which is interdisciplinary.

There is a great width and variety when it comes to all the topics regarding the coverage of the different disciplines in management. This course thereby offers a very critical perspective to its participants, enabling them to grow not only as executives but as bearers of various leadership roles.

Since the participants will be studying while they are working, the institute aims to take advantage of this development and embed various projects and elements of fieldwork wherever possible in most of the subjects in all of its assessments and curriculums.

The biggest concern of the program is to enable the executives to manage their work life as well as their studies without taking a toll on their social or personal life. Hence, the program will follow a modular manner to deliver its course and will take just 2 subjects at once.

The special elements of the program like change management, various capstone projects, and the leadership courses are what make it rise a notch above others.

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