The approval has been made by the university grants commission for trans disciplinary scheme for the developing of the stride of Indian economy which will give a major boost to the research sector of the nation. it is a well-known fact that the government is taking all the steps to boost the facilities of research for the country which is not in par with the European nations. We are confident that the STRIDE plan will change the entire fate of research in the nations. For more information, log on to .

The STRIDE though has all the good motives to take the country ahead with right steps taken towards the research department of India. When motives are good and the steps are taken towards it, the results fetch and flows in the positive manner. this will encourage many young talents around to try out their research plan in India as usually minds of the young guns think about the European countries when it comes to the word called research. The proposal is all set to be announced on 20th of July. the applications can also be submitted on 31st of July 2019 with all the details filled.

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